Senior Moving

Regardless of ones age, moving can be a stressful experience – making use of senior citizen movers can help relieve some stress.

As a senior citizen, there are a lot more concerns when you are moving. Packing up household belongings feels like a mammoth task. Boxes to pack, heavy items to lift, years of collectibles to sort and the worry that your precious treasures will be damaged during the move itself are all weighing on your mind. Master Movers’ team of senior citizen movers will help in every step of the way.

Senior Moves

Thankfully the Master Movers team is at hand to help seniors so that moving house it is an exciting change of life, not a chore.

Let our team of professionals:

  • Develop an overall moving plan
  • Help you dispose of items you don’t need
  • Provide professional packing, unpacking and shipping
  • Provide set-up in your new home
  • Assist with utility changes

With over 30 years experience in the furniture removal industry you can trust us with your best move yet.

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