You did it! After all that preparation, you are finally in your new home. Unfortunately, that’s only half the job done. A moving company in Johannesburg suggests ten essential things that you need to do next to settle in.

You have all those boxes to unpack, not to mention several administrative and personal matters to take care of before you can truly feel at home. Make your settling-in period easier by working through these ten essential tasks.

1. Manage your post-move period

Just like in the pre-move period, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed once the moving house company’s trucks have driven off and you’re faced with the haphazard assortment of boxes and furniture left behind by the residential moving company. The key is to schedule, organise and manage your time after the move. Draw up a to-do list and plan the time you will spend on each task on a day-to-day basis.

2. Unpack

After all that time spent putting your belongings into boxes, now you have to spend just as much time taking them all out again! Remember to arrange this giant task into bite-sized pieces: one room at a time, a few boxes at a time – unless you have time off work and want to tackle it all within a few days, whichever works best for you. Start with the bedrooms, so that everyone can settle in. Then do the bathrooms and the kitchen. Tackle the rest of the house from there. As you go, you should also ensure that everything is in the same condition in which you packed it – and contact your movers if there are any problems. In case of any discrepancies, Master Movers has DAMAGED BEFORE REMOVAL STICKERS that can be placed on certain boxes during the loading process to make sure that everyone is on the same page

3. Become familiar with your new home

How well do you know your new home? You’ve walked through it a number of times, yes, but have you inspected every corner, looked behind every door? Now is the time to take full control of the space. Examine every inch of the building and property and make notes of things that you might need to repair or replace. As you go, you will probably come up with some great ideas of new ways to use and arrange the different areas of your home.

4. Change your address

If you haven’t already taken care of this seemingly trivial, but really very important bit of admin, get it done and out of the way as quickly as possible. Contact your bank and other important correspondents and service providers and let them provide them with your new address.

5. Register your child at a new school

Again, you may have dealt with this already but, if not, make it a priority to get the children registered at new schools in the town or district you now call home.

6. Find the health care providers in your new area

Within the first week, look up the nearest, general practitioners, dentists, clinics, hospitals and vets. You never know when you will need to consult a medical professional, so it’s best to have the information readily available.

7. Re-register your car

If you have moved between provinces, or even if you have moved within the Western Cape or KwaZulu-Natal, you will need to do a new registration for your vehicle. You could wait until your licence comes up for renewal, but why not just get it done? Go to your nearest licensing office or post office and tick it off your list.  

8. Make your pets feel at home

Moving can be very stressful for your pets. You will need to give them extra love and attention and be sure not to leave them alone for too long as they try to make themselves at home in strange territory. Also remember to clean your house as thoroughly as possible to reduce the strange scents that you don’t even notice but will drive your dog or cat crazy. If you are struggling to get your pets to settle after several weeks of being in the new home, consult your vet.

9. Get to know the neighbours

It is always best to at least be on passing good terms with your neighbours and know them by name – even if you don’t end up being close friends. It’s worth the effort to go over and introduce yourself.

10. Explore your new town/ city/ neighbourhood

Whether you’ve just moved to a new neighbourhood within your home city, a completely different town or a different province on the other side of the country, this is your home now and you need to get familiar with it. Use Google to find the nearest amenities, such as supermarkets, malls, schools, libraries, landmarks, etc. Take regular drives and use different routes so that you can familiarise yourself with all the main roads and side streets.

If you are still in the process of planning your move, and you are looking for a moving company in Johannesburg, contact Master Movers and let us handle your relocation.