The house moving process may be challenging even when things go relatively smoothly. However, when adding increased chances of problems when moving into the mix, you will see why residential moving is often viewed as one of the most stressful life events. It is crucial to be prepared for the most common problems during the moving process so that you can respond appropriately to each troublesome situation. By being better prepared, you increase your chances for success.

Top 10 problems when moving house: What could possibly go wrong? 

Have a look at the top 10 problems when moving to a new home and how to solve each issue in the best possible way.

1. Insufficient time 

Lack of time to prepare well for moving house can be a major problem that could lead to several other moving issues. The shortage of time when preparing for your move is most often the result of poor organisation of the pre-move period. Consider creating a moving checklist to guide you from beginning to end, reminding you exactly what you need to do next to manage your time as best you can. Master Movers has a guide to assist you.

2. Unreliable, unaccredited movers 

Hiring unreliable movers can cause one of the worst problems when moving house. Master Movers is a reputable, reliable, and trustworthy residential and long-distance moving company. Our quality moving services will be worth every penny. Read some of our customer reviews and contact us to get a free quote.

3. Getting scammed 

Learn to protect yourself against moving fraud. Of all the moving house problems, the worst trouble is when a dishonest mover holds your goods as ransom and demands more money to release them with no valid reason for such. Beware of these three most common moving scams:

  • The mover demands a large deposit fee before the move, then drops you on moving day as they can get greater revenue from another client. They will not reimburse you as their terms and conditions state otherwise.
  • The mover quotes you a price on one truckload, when they know you will need more than three truckloads of their sized trucks.
  • The mover gives you a very low initial estimate to lure you in and then increases the price afterwards.
  • They do not state that they only have a bakkie and no closed vehicles.
  • They subcontract to other movers without notifying you of such.

4. Overpacking 

Packing and moving more stuff will increase the moving price as the overall size of the items/cargo to move goes up as well. Do the sensible thing and only pack what you truly need for the upcoming move. Do not waste time, money, and efforts into bringing old and useless things to your new place. Master Movers can remove, recycle, and dispose of any furniture you no longer need.

5. Furniture will not fit through the door 

If you try to force your furniture through small doorways or narrow hallways, then property damage or personal injuries could easily ruin your move. Prevention is always the best medicine.

  • Measure up your larger furniture pieces, then measure all doorways, hallways, and stairs to determine whether they can pass freely through them or not.
  • Disassemble the largest furniture items to make them smaller and safer to carry around. Master Movers can help you with this task.
  • Double door fridges may need to have the doors removed to fit through doorways. Master Movers can assist with this as well.
  • Get qualified helpers when you are moving furniture pieces to prevent possible property damage.
  • If all you need is a few extra inches of space, consider taking the doors off their hinges.

6. Personal injuries 

Injuries on moving day may be a possibility simply because you do not have the necessary house moving experience to know precisely which steps and measures to take to ensure total safety when moving between two homes. Here are some tips for preventing injury during the move:

  • Clear all obstacles along the intended exit pathways.
  • Keep young children and pets away from the packing and moving actions.
  • Know your limits – never rush things.

7. Damaged items 

When moving house, improper packing could easily lead to damage to some of your valuable and fragile possessions. Pack your items with the special care they deserve. If you are not sure how to do it yourself, hire professional packers to do it for you. Having the right types of moving boxes and other packing supplies can make a huge difference. However, nothing comes close to hiring professional packers with many years of experience who will not only come with their own packing materials. The Master Movers household removals division gives you peace of mind that your possessions will be cared for and protected during your move. Our Master Movers long-distance team has the best equipment, tools, and supplies for a successful long-distance move. We will pack and move your items with the utmost care.

8. Property damage 

Any type of damage to the property will result in more money out of your own pocket. If you are a renter, then more substantial property damage can cost you security damage and extra repair costs. If you are a homeowner, then any significant property damage inflicted is likely to decrease the sale price of the home. Here are a few ways to prevent property damage when moving out:

  • Place furniture sliders under heavy furniture to slide the pieces across both carpeted and hardwood floors.
  • Use a moving dolly to prevent costly damage to walls and floors.
  • Position large sheets of thick cardboard in high-traffic areas.
  • Install corner guards to avoid dented or chipped wall corners.
  • Hang moving blankets or foam padding on the walls. 
  • Wrap bannisters in padding materials to keep them safe. MM takes care of all this.

9. Bad weather 

If the weather on your move-out day will not cooperate for a trouble-free move, then there is nothing you can do but to try to do your best under the specific climatic conditions. Keep a close watch on the weather and stay in constant communication with your moving company in case the conditions worsen and your move gets postponed.

10. Overspending 

It is critical that you keep track of every penny spent when moving house because wasting money is a problem. Start by creating a moving budget early in your preparation so that you can monitor closely and better control your move-related expenses. Request binding cost estimates in writing as a guarantee that the price on the moving quote will reflect the money you pay your moving company in the end, upon confirmation. Master Movers will visit your home in person for an accurate cost estimation and risk assessment—volume dependent.

Choose Master Movers to help you with the move 

Moving house can be a daunting and stressful experience. Master Movers is a leading residential moving company that promises to provide you with professional moving services and assistance with settling into your new home. Our services can provide you with quality long-distance moving options. Along with more standard services, we have a variety of add-ons that will make your move even smoother. For more information, contact us today.