When you are planning a move to a new house, you have to pack up everything. Your moving company needs to understand that when it comes to fragile items, extra care has to be taken to transport them to your new residence. Breakable items from glassware and artwork to electronic devices and musical instruments need special attention to make the journey safely. Here are 4 tips to help you pack those specialty items and get them to your new home intact.

1. Make an Inventory of your Fragile Items

This is the best way to keep track of what you have and more importantly, what you use. You may realize that some delicate things are no longer useful to you and it’s time to sell them. Others may not be worth the cost of packing and transporting. Document what you have and see what makes sense to keep. 

2. Use Packing Material 

Long before the day of the move, you should get all your packaging material ready. Having the right material for the job will give you peace of mind. How you pack each item will be different and it’s best to have several options on hand including:

  • Packing paper
  • Bubble wrap
  • Cardboard boxes
  • Packing tape

For items that fit into boxes, start with a layer of packing paper, and then use bubble wrap to protect all surfaces. Tape securely and if needed, use a cardboard box for extra protection. Larger items can be wrapped with bubble wrap or moving blankets to avoid damage. 

Start packing several weeks before your move and have everything ready for your movers. 

3. Clearly Label your Fragile Items

Even though you have wrapped your delicate possessions in protective packaging, it’s important to label all boxes they are in. HANDLE WITH CARE and FRAGILE are the best messaging to write on boxes. You should also mark boxes with arrows showing the right way up and even post pictures so the movers know how you want it loaded.

This will not only help you remember where they are in the load but also remind household furniture movers that these items require an extra level of care.

4. Extra Considerations 

Make sure to take pictures of your fragile possessions so you have proof that they are intact. Disassemble items that are not a sturdy design. Laptops, camera equipment, instruments, and jewelry should be transported by the client.

Following these tips will help moving companies get your fragile items to your new home safely. Master Movers are here to help. With offices in Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban, we are professional movers for hire and the best house movers for the job. Contact us today for more information.