When you are considering moving a piano, there are companies in South Africa that are movers for hire and know how to get the job done professionally. A piano at home is truly a gift. It’s the easiest instrument to sit down and start playing, no matter your skill level. It’s also one of the heaviest items in your house. Trying to move it yourself will be very hard and there’s a good chance it could get damaged. 

Here is a list of 7 do’s and 7 don’ts so that your piano move will be seamless and free of any damage.

The Do’s 

  • Do call a professional piano moving company. You’ll get a quote and some moving advice you may not have thought of.
  • Do clear a wide path for the movers to work. They need room for trollies and bodies as they navigate their way through your home.
  • Do use packing desiccants like silica gel packs to prevent moisture from building up. This can prevent wood warping during cold temperatures inside a moving truck.
  • Do make sure to cover the piano with blankets. You need to protect your instrument so no damage happens during the move.
  • Do remove the legs before trying to move. These are easily broken and won’t fit through doors when attached.
  • Do make sure the piano is secure inside the moving truck. You don’t want the piano moving around or anything hitting it during transport.
  • Do get your piano tuned after it’s positioned in your new home. Any movement or temperature change can knock to piano out of tune.

There is a list of things to do. Now, what about things you should avoid.

The Don’ts 

  • Don’t move your piano unless you have the right tools and manpower. It’s heavy and awkward and you need to be prepared. 
  • Don’t load a piano without several movers for the heavy lifting. You need to get the piano in and wheeled to the back without bending or stressing the frame. 
  • Don’t leave the lid unlocked. The piano’s keys can get damaged during a rough road or a slip while moving. 
  • Don’t start moving your instrument without having a clear plan. All workers should know their role and each step should be taken carefully. 
  • Don’t use regular tiedown straps for securing the piano in the truck. Use proper furniture straps designed for heavy-duty moving.
  • Don’t load your piano last on the truck. The piano should be placed securely towards the back of the truck when possible and secured. Make sure to balance the weight evenly.
  • Don’t leverage the weight of the piano when moving over stairs or other obstacles. If you put too much stress on the midsection you could warp the frame.

Upright pianos can weigh around 400 pounds while grand pianos can be 1200 pounds or more. This is a major moving project and is better done by experts. 

These 7 do’s and don’ts are essential for a successful piano move. If you don’t want to take this on, Master Movers are the professionals that can do it all for you. We have piano trollies that are designed for piano moves. Note that we do not tune pianos. This needs to be carried out by a skilled professional and re-tuning should be done after every move.

With offices in Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban, Master Movers is the best firm for the job. They are professional movers for hire and know how to get it done right. Contact us today for more information.