Finding the right moving company. We have all heard horror stories about moving day: the movers failed to arrive; the truck broke down; the movers lost, broke, or stole our belongings…

When you have to move house, you are transporting almost everything that you own. You cannot afford to take a chance on that. Even when moving an office, the belongings may not have sentimental value in your life, but the most certainly have financial value and the same applies.

Too often, we hear about people hiring the company that submitted the cheapest quote and things have gone horribly wrong. If you have decided to emigrate, you simply cannot leave anything to chance; these moves require expert movers to handle the logistics and bureaucracy.

Clear Defined Pricing For The Move

The quote must give you an accurate idea of what your move will cost in advance. A cheap mover might give you a general quote over the phone or online, but moving companies are legally bound only by the information on your written estimate. It is important that you itemize household items and make sure that the quote has all the information you have supplied.

Proper Moving Contract

Find the best deal by gathering quotes from a minimum of three moving companies. Be sure to give exact details of the starting address and the destination so that the contract can factor everything in. Do not move until you are happy with a contract, and it is signed. Far too often, we hear of movers refusing to release the goods due to a technicality.

Moving Company with a Good Reputation

Use a company that has great reviews, but don’t necessarily trust online reviews. It is better to ask them for contact details of former customers and speak to them directly or ask someone you know who has recently moved; word of mouth is always the most reliable.

Do not get fooled by the cheapest quote. Quality usually comes with a price.

If you are looking for peace of mind that your possessions will be cared for and protected during your move – be it across town or across the country, contact our Household Removals Division today. Master Movers is a moving company that you can trust.