Moving Company in Sibaya Planning to move to Sibaya but don’t know where to start. We can help

Moving to or around the Sibaya precinct? Let our moving company help you get there. Master Movers are an expert home and corporate relocation company with tailor/custom-made packages to help you with your local or international move. We know you’re excited about your new home or offices and we are excited for you. With our assistance, you can be settled in before you even know it.

About Our Moving Company in Sibaya

Master Movers is a small, yet substantial moving company that offers clients a full range of relocation and storage services across Durban and beyond. We grew throughout the years to become one of the leading suppliers of relocation and storage services in South Africa. Here are some services we offer in Sibaya:

Home Movers in Sibaya

Your happiness comes first. Master Movers are house movers (local movers and long-distance movers) who are more than happy to help you to get settled into your new home. Our home moving services include furniture moving teams who carefully move your most precious belongings. We pride ourselves in delighting new homeowners with careful moves and competitive prices.

Corporate Office Movers in Sibaya

Office relocation or corporate relocation is an exciting time for all staff involved. Master Movers has office movers that arrange for your staff to be moved into their new offices as quickly and safely as possible, so your team can time to explore their Sibaya and do some team building. A moving company taking care of these changes means more time for you to plan great things for your company.

International Movers in Sibaya

While you learn a new language, meet new friends and adjust to a new country, Master Movers moves your belongings and sets you up for greatness. Our International Relocation Specialists will work closely with you to create a moving plan that ensures your move takes place with minimum disruption, on time, and within your relocation allowance or personal budget.

Storage in Sibaya

For many years, Master Movers have been providing storage in Durban to hundreds of trusted clients. With our storage units in Durban, your items will be stored safely and securely and you can access them as and when you need to.

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Why Move to Sibaya

The beautiful Sibaya precinct is home to modern and lavish apartments and complexes with stunning views. Sibaya is perfect for executives with elegant tastes or those who enjoy good nightlife and entertainment features. Most of the residential areas are private and secure.

Things to do in Sibaya

  • Visit Sibaya Casino & Entertainment Kingdom, one of Durban’s biggest attractions for several reasons, including 1000 slot machines and 24 touch screen roulette machines, various competitions and tournaments
  • Dine at one of the many diverse restaurants 
  • Enjoy live music at bars around the precinct
  • Take a walk to the beautiful Umhlanga Litehouse
  • Go snorkeling at Aqua Rush

Make sure you contact a moving company that is as passionate about your new move as you are – call Master Movers today!

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