It’s time to do some decluttering for the New Year. Renting a storage space can help you store all of your belongings safely and securely. There are so many advantages of renting storage units, such as a reduction of clutter, and a temporary storage solution for your home or office renovation. With storage modules, such as those provided by Master Movers, you are provided a spacious warehouse for your belongings with high security and easy access. Read more below.

Convenient and Flexible 

When you rent a storage space, you receive access to storage units as soon as you sort out your renting arrangements. You then have time to sort through your clutter and decide what needs to be stored away. You don’t have to rush through the process and you can arrange for transportation of your belongings to the units according to your schedule, making it an extremely convenient option for busy people on the move. 

A storage facility offers flexible storage options such as short or long rental terms and a monthly rent price. Some moving companies, like Master Movers, can even help you to store and move your belongings to storage units. You won’t have to pay for a space that is too large for your needs – you will pay for the storage space that fits the number of belongings you have, and nothing more. 

Guaranteed Security and Safety 

Garages or other storage spaces such as warehouses have questionable security. Reputable storage facilities ensure that your items are safe and secure with alarm systems and most facilities are free from harsh weather conditions. Master Movers storage facilities, for example, contain 24-hour security cameras and security guard monitoring (intruder alarms and patrol services). We are AMOSA (The Accredited Movers of South Africa) compliant – ensuring our teams provide the highest standard of quality and care.

Worried about rodents and pests? We also do fumigation and rodent control on a monthly basis. Master Movers have separate carpet storage facilities that are cooler and monitored to ensure there are no fish moths to destroy your beloved Persian carpet treasure. 


Warehouse storage can be expensive. Storing your items in garages can lead to rodent damage or items becoming broken or dirty. You can save money by using storage facilities from storage companies like Master Movers, with storage facilities that are affordable and provide a great alternative to storing your valuables in a dusty garage.

Renting a storage space is easy with Master Movers – just give us a call today!