How to Prepare Your Office (and Employees) for the Big Office Move

How to Prepare Your Office (and Employees) for the Big Office Move

April 20, 2017

Relocating your office? Not a problem. We love assisting your team in the office move process. That’s why we want to share a few tips for smooth sailing when changing location.

Explain the Reasons for the Office Move

Before breaking the news to your office, consider the possible mobility clauses in their contracts. Are you planning a move to a reasonable location? Should this be the case, have a team meeting and explain your decision to your employees. List all the benefits of your new office space. Allow for feedback and concerns to be voiced. This is the first step in ensuring that everyone is on board for this office move to take place.

Create an Office Move Checklist

Next up is creating your master plan. Choose a right-hand man to assist you in the planning process and create an all-inclusive office moving checklist. If you need assistance in the planning process, we’d be happy to help you create a solution. We could also visit your site to help assess what needs to be done and which order would work best.

Get Everyone Involved in the Process

Try to give each employee a task during this process. This way, everyone will feel involved in the process. For instance, ask the IT team to manage the hardware packing and the admin team can inform your customers about the office move and change your address where needed.

Consider the Size Difference

Keep the size of your new space in mind. It might be necessary to get rid of a few items in your current office. This is also the ideal time for decluttering office equipment and start ‘fresh’ at your new office space. Also, take an inventory of all your items on hand.

Hire Professional Movers

Hiring a professional team will ensure an efficient move with minimal risks involved. Moving companies such as Master Movers are skilled in helping businesses relocate and manage the process from start to end.

Plan for Coverage During the Move

This goes for both your office equipment and company performance. You might need to close your business for a day or two during the office move, so planning ahead will limit the ‘loss’ involved. Focus on moving the team with the most influence first so that the business can keep ‘functioning’ as soon as possible.

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