Packing Like a Pro - Tips From a Moving Company

Packing Like a Pro - Tips From a Moving Company

August 3, 2016

Whether you’re a seasoned packing pro, or it’s your first time moving, the experience can be stressful and daunting - the following tips from a moving company will help to make your move a little bit easier. Most people tend to try and do as much packing on their own, in order to see where everything is packed and to know where it is, once you need to unpack. Here are a few suggestions on packing your house content like a pro, and making it as easy for the moving company to unpack on the other side.

Plan, plan and plan some more

Create a master list of everything that needs to be done, ahead of the house moving date. This will ensure that you don’t forget something critical heading into house moving day. It will also help you plan how much time will be required to move and determine any additional costs you may have.

Pack similar items together

This goes without saying, but perhaps the layout of your kitchen is changing, and you’ll have more (or less) space and have more items to pack in the same area.

Packing clothes

Clothing is sometimes overlooked in the planning process – clothes are not cheap and you’d want to protect them just as much as you would like to protect your furniture when moving your house. A good house moving tip is to fold clothing into suitcases or garment bags, or to use garbage bags to cover and protect your clothes. Pack delicate items into garment bags and save the boxes for sturdier objects like jerseys and jackets.


Moving house is the perfect opportunity for you to discard items that you no longer need – decide which items you use frequently and sort the others into three piles: For sale, donate or recycle.

Decide on what you’d like to move on your own

While moving companies like Master Movers are experts at moving all things – even extremely valuable items like art pieces, there may be a few valuables that you would rather move yourself. Moving items like family photos and valuables yourself might give you some extra peace of mind. You should also have a “moving day bag” with essential things like a basic first-aid kit, some snacks and maybe a Leatherman tool that could help with the opening of boxes.

Check what your moving company moves

Different moving companies move different things – for example, moving companies like Master Movers can move your pets, while others can’t. Before you start packing, make sure you check what items your moving company won’t move – plants, firearms or certain liquids, are things that you may have to move yourself. Depending on your items, you may need to make special provision to organize boxes and vehicles for transportation.

Label every box

The labelling of boxes will make life easier for yourself and your moving company. Every box that is packed, should be listed and labelled. Creating an inventory of each room and which boxes belong in that room, will allow the moving company to place the boxes exactly where you need them. This makes your life easier when the unpacking starts.


Your moving company has moved you from one place to another, but your new house is still covered in boxes and you are probably exhausted from the packing. Where do you even start to unpack? We suggest that you take your time – get a good feel of the new space and make a mental map of where everything should go and how you want the rooms to be laid out. When deciding what to unpack first, we suggest you start with the essentials and some stuff to keep the kids occupied, if you have children. Children crave a sense of familiarity, so unpack their belongings first. Lastly, after a long day of moving house, you might want to wind down in your new space – be sure to unpack those wine glasses as well. If you need help packing, moving or unpacking, click here to contact Master Movers today for a free quote.