Moving Timeline: When Should You Book a Moving Company

Moving Timeline: When Should You Book a Moving Company

April 24, 2017

Most aspects of moving take place before the actual move. The planning process to book a moving company is crucial in ensuring a successful move. Creating a moving timeline will give structure to your process. So let’s take a look at when it’s the best time to contact or book your moving company:

Consider the Time of The Move

If you are planning to move during the busier months of the year, it would be best to start contacting moving companies in advance so that you can secure your favourite company, like Master Movers. When moving to a new house or office space, we would suggest that you book your moving company 6-8 weeks in advance. This will give you peace of mind and by working together we can establish the perfect timeframe for an effortless move.

Have a look at your Budget

If you are working on a strict budget you will have to take the time to research companies and compare quotes. Once you’ve settled on your top three options you can contact them to check their availability and assess their business practices.

Booking your moving company sooner rather than later might help you save money and secure a better deal. You will also have a wider selection to choose from. If you leave this part of the planning process until the last minute, you’ll have to take rush rates into account.

The Number of Things You Have to Move

Many times couples with larger families might prefer to schedule a mid-week move in order to do all the unpacking over the weekend. The size of your move will determine the time frame in which it needs to take place. Contacting moving companies ahead of time will help you determine which and how many days you have to work with.

Where are You Moving To?

Of course, the distance of the move will also influence your timeframe. If you are only moving your office to a location down the road you might not need to book a company as long in advance. Moving from one province to another will need more planning.

Do you have Special Items?

Do you have valuables and artwork that needs special care? This could also influence your time frame and the structure of your move. Master Movers simplify the process by offering a site visit as a part of the service. This allows us to assist you in the timeline and planning process and we’ll know exactly how to care for your possession during the move.

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