An office relocation is a complex undertaking. In addition to moving your entire business as quickly and cost-effectively as possible, you also want to achieve the relocation with minimal disruption to your operations. Here is a brief guide to making your move as trouble-free as possible.

Planning the office move

To achieve a smooth business relocation, it is vital that you plan it carefully down to the last detail. Set a date for the move and then create a timeline. Assign tasks to each department and build up a team of people you can trust to oversee the completion of these tasks. Keep employees updated about the move. You should also plan the layout of the new office in advance – this will make it easier to get everything into place and get back to normal operations once you have made the move.

Communication and notifications of the office move

In addition to assigning tasks to each department and setting up a team to supervise the packing and planning schedule, you must also conduct regular meetings with your team in the build-up to moving day, in order to check in and see that everything is going according to schedule, and to keep people up to date on any new developments. Moving is stressful for everyone, so it is important to keep everyone on side and to allay any anxieties that may arise.

Prepare for and make the office move

On moving day, you can either make arrangements for key workers to stay out of the office and work remotely, or visit clients while the move is taking place. By this time, your furniture and boxes should be sorted and marked and ready to be collected by the movers. If you are involving some or all staff members in the move, make sure that everybody has a specific task to carry out. Hold a briefing at the beginning of the day so that everyone knows what they need to do. If your planning has gone as it should, you should be able to keep out of the way and let the movers do their job until it is time to start sorting out the new location.

Settling in after the move

The job is not done once all the items have been delivered to the new location and the moving truck drives away. You now have the task of getting everything moved into place and getting back to work as soon as you possibly can. Getting this done as speedily and efficiently as possible depends on your planning. With a detailed layout of the new premises, you can move everything into place with minimal fuss. This is an important part of Master Movers’ office relocation service.

To make your move as easy as it can be, hire a moving company that offers office relocation project management. As well as giving you a complete business relocation service, Master Movers can come on board far in advance and help you plan your move. Contact us for more information.