Moving Tips For University Students

Moving Tips For University Students

Moving to a new campus apartment? We have moving tips for University students to help you to get settled into your new apartment. Start your new campus life with Master Movers!

Sell, donate, or get rid of things you no longer need

New apartment, new life! Your new apartment may be small or you may just want to start fresh. Either way, there is no point in keeping those old unwanted items. A bonus is that cleaning up will also help you to bring down moving costs and the number of items you will have to pack (and unpack). 

There’s less back pain in your future if you either sell, donate or toss out items you don’t need. Give away old clothes to thrift stores or donate them to homes. Maybe you can have a garage sale and see what you can get rid of. The other old or torn items can be thrown out. If you know you aren’t going to have space but you don’t want to get rid of something, budget for a storage unit.

Boxes, boxes, boxes

Boxes are going to be your best friend during your college move. Make a checklist of all the items you need to pack, then get lots of boxes. You might also need a storage container, packaging or duct tape, and pens to label your boxes. Don’t use trash bags or bin bags as these bags are weak. Labelling will help you find what you need when it is time to unpack. 

Leave items that you’re going to need for last, such as important documents, electronics, toiletries, or a first aid kit so that it doesn’t get lost with the pile of boxes to be moved.

Don’t overdo it

Starting your college life is an exciting time. Reduce your moving day stresses by hiring some help. A moving company will come with all the boxes and packing material you need, as well as a moving truck so you don’t have to stress about shopping for material. You also won’t have to ask your roommate for help. They will also ensure that all your items are safely moved to your new apartment. 

If you need help moving or want more moving tips for University students, contact our helpful team of moving experts today!

Tips For Moving Over Christmas

Tips For Moving Over Christmas

Moving is stressful at the best of times, but moving over Christmas can be particularly exhausting. Here are a few pointers to help you relax during the process.

Consider Unexpected Moving Expenses

The holiday season is busy and unpredictable. You need to budget for unexpected expenses during your move. You could experience traffic on the way to your new home or experience bad weather conditions, and may need to stop at a restaurant or a hotel. You should have extra cash on standby to pay for a place to stay for the night and meals, just in case. 

Moving day can be exhausting for parents – you may be too exhausted to cook, clean or unpack your kitchen utilities by dinner time. You need to budget to buy or order meals until you are able to unpack and get settled into your kitchen.


You and your family can still enjoy Christmas even if you haven’t unpacked yet. To prepare your new home for Christmas, keep your Christmas decorations and other festive decors in easy-accessible boxes. You could label boxes “Christmas-in-a-box” to easily locate them.

Plan Your Calendar Early

Moving in December makes a particularly busy time even busier. Plan your calendar well in advance and block off any unimportant events (such as social events) so that you have sufficient time to arrange your move and start packing. 

Don’t let the stress of moving hamper your Christmas spirit. Hire a moving company to reduce the stress of moving day. Master Movers have a professional team of movers that does everything from packing to transportation. We also have storage facilities to keep your essentials safe while you enjoy the holiday season. We are open throughout the year, except for the holidays, but don’t worry – we’ll get you moved to your new home in time for the Christmas festivities. 

If you’re moving over Christmas, call us for a free moving quote!

Guidelines For Employee Relocation Expenses

Guidelines For Employee Relocation Expenses

When it comes to a business move, most companies will provide a relocation benefit, but the process can still be costly for employees because relocation expenses are not always predictable.

The major relocation expenses include:

    • Real estate expenses
    • Moving household goods, cars and pets
    • Short-term housing and storage
    • Airfare, car rentals and miscellaneous travel expenses.

However, there are many more incidentals that should be budgeted for.

Eligibility And Obtaining Approval

Before you run up a massive relocation bill, check with your HR department to see if you are eligible for relocation expenses. Some moves are made of the employee’s own volition and are not budgeted for by the company.

If you do get approval, get it in writing. Make sure you have this before you start booking movers or committing to any expenses relating to the move.

Obtaining Move/Relocation Trip Number

An important aspect of the paperwork from your employer is a move/relocation trip number. Do not begin the process until you have this.

Arranging Moving Company Payment

Before you commit to a moving company’s quote, check what your company will pay for. Perhaps they will only pay for removal and not for packing or storage. Will your employer pay for vehicle shipping?  If not, you should decide whether you can do without those or whether you will take care of those personally.

Expense reimbursement requests must be submitted within 60 days of when the expense was incurred although this may differ from company to company.

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Obtaining Move/Relocation Trip Number

Check whether your employer will cover expenses for you (and your family) relating to the move. It is not always possible to move directly into your new home. Find out if you will be reimbursed for hotel costs. Will they cover the cost of a rental car while you search for a new vehicle?

This is a huge undertaking. Make sure you know exactly where you stand with your employer so that you are not left out of pocket.

Whether you are moving your business to new premises or relocating staff to other destinations, we will make sure that your business move goes as smoothly as possible. Contact Master Movers for more information.

Common Freight Forwarding FAQs

Common Freight Forwarding FAQs

Freight forwarding companies coordinate the shipment of goods from one location to another using a variety of carriers, including air freight, ocean freight, road freight and even railway freight. The process can be daunting if you are unfamiliar with it, but here we answer some frequently asked questions to help you.

What Do I Need To Know About Customs?

Every importer and exporter must have customs clearance. Your freight forwarder expedites this process at origin and destination by assisting with import declarations, export declarations and in-transit declarations.

Ensure that all of the paperwork for transporting your goods is completed. This is an important step to reduce the risk of your items not being released from customs.

If I Am Shipping A Vehicle, Can I Pack Other Items Inside?

Although it is legal in some countries to ship items in your vehicle, most countries do not allow it. Either way, companies recommend that you do not due to the risk of theft or damage during transport. It can cost more to ship your vehicle with items inside because the shipment has a weight limit based on the make and model of the car.

If items are stolen or damaged, you would be liable.

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Who Is Responsible For Incidental Charges Assessed By Foreign Governments?

Exporters and importers must be aware that there are additional shipping costs that may not be included in the quote. There are various incidental charges, some of which might apply to the shipment only under specific circumstances, making them impossible to anticipate.

Should I Purchase Insurance?

Purchasing an insurance policy that covers your vehicle, goods and shipping charges is highly recommended. If you are wondering whether your current insurance coverage will cover your shipment, whether goods or vehicles, while on the water, the answer is no. A full coverage policy is best. Called a marine policy, it covers the entire door to door shipment. 

To save you unnecessary expense, while your goods stay in Master Movers stores waiting on a groupage or shared load shipment, the best option is to stick with your existing household insurance policy.

If you are looking for a move that takes place with minimum disruption, on time and within your relocation allowance or personal budget, contact the International Relocation Specialists at Master Movers today. We will further answer all your freight forwarding questions with pleasure.

How to Ship Moving Containers Overseas

How to Ship Moving Containers Overseas

If you have decided to take the leap and move overseas, you will need a moving container company that can ensure that your move is as trouble-free as possible. Chances are, you are doing this for the first time, so you need to rely on the professionalism of a moving company with experience in this specific field.

Choosing an International Moving Container Company

When you are looking to move a container of your belongings overseas, do not simply sign up with the mover that offers you the cheapest quote. Make sure you choose a service provider who has relevant experience and is familiar with shipping to your destination.

To streamline the process, you should find a mover that provides a single coordination, someone who will work with you to ensure that every aspect is perfect – from storage services to packing and unpacking. You need access to consultants who will advise you of the procedures and documentation required, both here and at your overseas destination country.

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Special Considerations for International Moves

Moving your possessions internationally can seem like a mammoth task. It generally comes down to time vs. cost. The quicker you need it done, the more you will pay. When time is a factor, air freight may be more suitable than sea shipping.

Other important factors to consider include paying customs, shipping options, time at sea and cost.

When the Moving Container Arrives

Master Movers acts as the conduit between the entire door to door process and to streamline the process for your convenience.

In line with international standards, having undertaken to be honest and trustworthy that nothing is the container that is not allowed, we need to pack and wrap all as the consignment is in our care and under our name.

Essential Documents to Keep on You

    • Packing list: a detailed list of the items in every single box.
    • Power of attorney form authorizing your freight forwarder to arrange customs clearance on your behalf.
    • Copy of your ID/passport
    • Work permit and/or residence visa or permanent residency.
    • Terms and conditions that will govern your international move.

Each country’s regulations are different so ensure that you are ready for all that it entails when moving and transitioning to a new country. Master Movers is your support system with the new changes before you arrive in the space.

If you are looking for a move that takes place with minimum disruption, on time and within your relocation allowance or personal budget, contact the International Relocation Specialists at Master Movers today. We are a moving container company that can assist you with your overseas move.

Affordable Versus Cheap Moving Companies

Affordable Versus Cheap Moving Companies

Finding the right moving company. We have all heard horror stories about moving day: the movers failed to arrive; the truck broke down; the movers lost, broke, or stole our belongings…

When you have to move house, you are transporting almost everything that you own. You cannot afford to take a chance on that. Even when moving an office, the belongings may not have sentimental value in your life, but the most certainly have financial value and the same applies.

Too often, we hear about people hiring the company that submitted the cheapest quote and things have gone horribly wrong. If you have decided to emigrate, you simply cannot leave anything to chance; these moves require expert movers to handle the logistics and bureaucracy.

Clear Defined Pricing For The Move

The quote must give you an accurate idea of what your move will cost in advance. A cheap mover might give you a general quote over the phone or online, but moving companies are legally bound only by the information on your written estimate. It is important that you itemize household items and make sure that the quote has all the information you have supplied.

Proper Moving Contract

Find the best deal by gathering quotes from a minimum of three moving companies. Be sure to give exact details of the starting address and the destination so that the contract can factor everything in. Do not move until you are happy with a contract, and it is signed. Far too often, we hear of movers refusing to release the goods due to a technicality.

Moving Company with a Good Reputation

Use a company that has great reviews, but don’t necessarily trust online reviews. It is better to ask them for contact details of former customers and speak to them directly or ask someone you know who has recently moved; word of mouth is always the most reliable.

Do not get fooled by the cheapest quote. Quality usually comes with a price.

If you are looking for peace of mind that your possessions will be cared for and protected during your move – be it across town or across the country, contact our Household Removals Division today. Master Movers is a moving company that you can trust.