How to Choose a Moving Date

How to Choose a Moving Date

Choosing a moving date is often a complex process thanks to all the moving parts you are juggling:

  • The timing of your current rental lease versus the terms of agreement regarding occupancy of your new premises.
  • Mover availability.
  • Travel time should you be moving long distances.
  • Your personal preferences about the best time for a relocation.

Here are some tips to help you choose a moving date.

Flexibility Helps

Both residential movers and commercial movers are typically busiest at the end of the month – in line with most lease agreements. Weekends are popular dates for those requiring minimal impact on productivity. Plus, Fridays are the day of the week when many transfers are completed.

On the contrary,  the best moving date for a tight budget is none of the above!

Availability of Volunteers

Even if you are not planning a DIY move, extra hands are invaluable. Reduce the stress associated with moving office or home by delegating.

If possible, draw up a moving plan that gives you a sufficient amount of time to rally the troops to get much of the preparation done.

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When Your Moving Date is Already Fixed

Has a specific date already been set? No worries!

You can still stay within budget using a professional moving company by:

  • Negotiating with your landlord or real estate agent to reduce or circumvent any penalties.
  • Do as much planning, preparation, and packing ahead of time as possible. (Divide big tasks into a series of mini jobs. Then prioritise and set deadlines for each step to be completed.)
  • Being organised will speed up the whole moving service process – from loading the truck to getting ahead of the afternoon traffic.

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Does a DIY Move Save You Money?

Does a DIY Move Save You Money?

Have you ever asked yourself, “Does a DIY move save you money?

The label “DIY” is perceived as “affordable”. But, in the context of a residential move, does it really save money to do it all yourself? A DIY move with the help of friends and family may not be as cheap as you imagine.

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Bear in mind that most residential movers offer a variety of packages from a full-service move to more basic services. Depending on your needs, get a quote from three different businesses. Then draw up an itemised estimate of the costs involved in doing it yourself.

Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

One of the top moving tips is to remember to breathe! Moving home is a stressful event, but it need not get the better of you.

Thorough planning is key. As is proper research.

Investigate which movers can offer you good value for money. Then look at where you can save so that the experts can do what they do best – contribute to an effortless move.

Don’t Buy Boxes, Find Them

One way to offset the cost of using professional movers is to recycle. Instead of paying for boxes into which you will pack your belongings, ask your local supermarket or department store if you may have their empties. Look out for sturdy boxes for loading the heavy items.

Many store managers are only too happy to get rid of them and some may charge a nominal fee. Either way, include it in your timeline as it may take a little longer to amass enough for all your worldly goods.

Move During The Week

The busiest time for moving companies is at the end of the month and over weekends. If you have any say in the matter, try to schedule your move mid-month, during the week.

Does a DIY move save you money? For more information on the answer to this question and how you can reduce moving expenses, contact Master Movers without delay.

Tips for Moving House While Pregnant

Tips for Moving House While Pregnant

Moving while pregnant is surprisingly common! So, pregnant women, don’t beat yourself up about the timing of your moving date or due date. Instead, follow the recommendations of professional movers as outlined in this article.

Tips for Doing it Safely

During a residential move , chances are there is no OHS policy in place. In other words, you need to take care of your own occupational safety by following these tips:

Time it right. If you have a say in the matter, moving to a new home is best done during your second trimester. This is perfectly timed between the first few nausea-filled months and when you are not yet experiencing too much physical discomfort. Bonus: many women report an abundance of physical and mental energy during the second trimester!

Whether or not you can move when it suits your body best, be gentle on it. Give yourself plenty of time so that you do not have to push your limits.

Hire a moving company. With years of experience, movers will take the hassle out of your move.

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Prioritise. Have your hospital bag packed and ready before you start packing anything else. A good idea is to also prep a box or bag with toiletries, towels, sheets, and change of clothes for every member of your family in case you go into early labour.

Schedule in time for healthy snacks that you can prep ahead and keep in a cooler box). Drink plenty of water to keep your hydration levels up. Skipping this will lead to light-headedness which will affect your timeline.

Avoid Heavy Lifting

When you hire movers, the experts have been trained on the ergonomically correct ways to lift, twist, and move. As tempting as it may be, do not attempt any heavy lifting!

In preparation for each new day of packing, soak in a hot Epsom salts bath. This will ease your aching muscles and tired joints.

Inform Your Doctor

Both moving and being pregnant are physically, mentally, and emotionally demanding individually. Let your healthcare provider know what you are going through.

If you are moving to a new area, ask for your medical records to be sent to your new GP and gynae in advance.

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How to Handle Rain on Moving Day

How to Handle Rain on Moving Day

Q: In a country as prone to drought as South Africa, what are the chances of rain on moving day?
A: More likely than you might think – especially if you subscribe to Murphy’s Law!

Fear not, though! As seasoned residential and commercial movers, we have some tricks up our sleeve for rainy day moves.

Use Plastic Bins Instead of Cardboard Boxes

Using plastic bins is the best way to protect your items from moisture. Check that the lids fit tightly and if not, use packing tape to seal the openings.

Although not as economical or environmentally friendly as cardboard boxes, they are a godsend when unpacking and can be reused after your move.

Wrap Your Household Items

Many household items will not fit into plastic bins. Start by protecting them with old towels then wrapping them with plastic wrap and/or tarps. Be particularly mindful of items that will be ruined if they get wet:

  • Avoid having to sleep on a mouldy mattress by investing in a proper mattress bag.
  • Use black rubbish bags to cover your artwork before it is loaded inside the moving truck.
  • Take apart large items of furniture and put plastic coverings on each piece.
  • Appliances do not respond well to getting wet. Use plastic bags to waterproof smaller items and large sheets of plastic for larger items.

Avoid resting anything on wet ground or in mud. Be sure to dry off the outer coverings of everything as it is loaded into the back of the truck.

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Know the Weather Report

If there is even the slightest chance of rain from on move day, you will probably already be glued to your favourite weather app! But as veteran moving companies will tell you, it is far better to prepare for moving in the rain than it is to wish the weather forecast would change.

Perhaps the renewal and fresh start associated with rain will be a good omen for you:

Rainy day, rainy nights. Wash the world, set to right.
Cleansing streets, set apart. Rainy days, cleanse the heart.”

Professional moving companies are equipped with the tools and expertise to pack and move your belongings safely, even in foul weather! For more information about how to handle rain on moving day, get in touch with Master Movers today!

What to Avoid on Moving Day

What to Avoid on Moving Day

As exciting as it is to move to a new home, the magnitude of it all can seem overwhelming. While there are plenty of relocation hacks and resources online, let’s look at things to avoid on moving day.

Failing to Research your Mover

A professional moving company is the first step to a smooth move. There are, however, many dodgy movers out there who bully you into signing up for services you don’t need.

Prevent an expensive catastrophe by properly researching your residential mover by:

  • Seeking referrals and word-of-mouth recommendations from friends and colleagues.
  • Getting at least three quotes.
  • Checking for proper accreditation.
  • Determining whether the company has a permanent moving crew.
  • Looking for a mover that offers insurance, storage, and other helpful services.
  • Checking their online reviews.

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Packing Heavy Items in Large Boxes

Most professionals have learnt from their mistakes – very often including the underside of a box giving way as the lifted it into the moving truck.

Take a leaf out of their book, and pack heavy items such as books into smaller boxes. Special care and padding is needed to protect fragile items.

You Don’t Budget Correctly

By the time moving day comes along, you may be so exhausted – from packing all your belongings and sticking a label on each box – that you are willing to throw away money just to get the job done. Don’t!

Repeat after me: “Stick to the budget”.

Of course, it is only possible to stay on budget if it was correctly drawn up in the first place:

  • Examine what is included in the estimates you got from residential moving companies – base cost, insurance, and other additional services. Compare that to the (time and financial) cost of doing it yourself – truck hire, fuel, insurance, equipment hire.
  • Work out how much storage will cost. Perhaps that will motivate you that now is the perfect time for a garage sale to purge all unnecessary items!
  • Include the cost of packing supplies, cleaning, care of your kids and/or pets, time off work, and the cost of getting your vehicles to your new abode.

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3 Crucial factors when moving an office

3 Crucial factors when moving an office

An office move can be both exciting and stressful. You have so much to take care of before and during your move that you may not know where to start. There are crucial factors you need to consider when moving and settling into your new office space. Hiring movers to help you is the ideal way to ensure that you get the help you need. Office movers will ensure you don’t miss any of the steps needed for a successful business move. Here’s more on the crucial factors you need to consider during corporate relocations:

Underestimating what is involved in the office relocation process

Commercial moves can be tougher than you expect and you need to be prepared for unforeseen circumstances or delays. You need to plan and prepare each step of the moving process – from packaging equipment, transport, arranging, and disassembling items. For this, a move coordinator, commercial movers or project manager is most useful. Having an office relocation checklist and schedule will ensure that your move goes smoothly and that you don’t miss any step. 

Not starting the office relocation planning process early enough

Office moves can take longer than expected and if you don’t start the process early, you can miss out on deadlines, meetings, or important activities needed for your business. You need sufficient time to sort through your office’s “junk” before the moving process can even begin. Not preparing can lead to your company losing valuable time and money.

Not using a professional office relocation mover

You may not hire a professional mover in an attempt to save money but commercial moving services save you time and money in the long run. You can’t rely on your team to help you as they have their jobs to take care of. Professional office movers will do the job right and fast. The right expert team will look into your office move budget and prepare ahead for unforeseen costs, as well as execute, control, and manage your business relocation for you – making your job a lot easier.

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