Things You Should Do Right After A Move

Things You Should Do Right After A Move

Moving house can be a lot of work. When you are finally unpacked, read this guide on things you should do right after a move to get your life back to normal again.

Go Grocery Shopping

Professional movers will make sure your refrigerator is empty before moving it to reduce any damage. Once you are settled into your new home, you need to do your grocery shopping to stock up on your refrigerator. Create a shopping list with the essentials that you need for the month, as well as any food you need for your kid’s lunch packs. 

Learn Your Home

Now that you are moved, it’s time to get to know your new home. Find out (and teach your family) where the home security system is, the fuse box, water heater, valve, important outlets, etc. Make sure your smoke detectors are working and that everyone in your house knows how to evacuate the home during a fire.

Get your utilities up and running

Now that everything is set up, you need to get your utilities up and running. Make sure your utilities are properly registered to your new address. Get your water, electricity, and internet up and running. It is also a good time to get your mail set up to your new address and look into essential services such as health care providers and insurance companies in your new area if applicable.

You might find yourself needing more space after a move. Try having a garage sale once you get settled in or consider storing away your belongings in a storage facility. Master Movers is a professional moving company with storage facilities across South Africa.

If you need storage facilities or more info on things you should do right after a move, contact our teams or find out more info on our blog!

How To Meet Your Neighbours After A Move

How To Meet Your Neighbours After A Move

Moving to a new neighbourhood can be intimidating. You may not know how to meet your neighbours after a move and that can make you feel very alone. If you’re looking to chat with your neighbours and make friends, we have a few tips to help get you started. 

Introduce Yourself With A Kind Gesture

The first step to making new friends or meeting people is to introduce yourself. There are lots of ways you can introduce yourself. You can host a housewarming party and invite everyone to your new home or if you have kids, you can schedule playdates with neighbourhood kids of the same age. First impressions matter – show that you are a caring neighbour with acts of kindness such as sending cookies to your new neighbours or a bottle of wine.

Go To Community Events

A good way to get to know your neighbours is to attend community events. Look for local community events on social media pages or ask around for info. You can probably attend community events at places of worship, or your local gym, or you could attend a local concert and live music events to meet new people. Remember that certain areas might still be practicing social distancing so keep your distance and take precautions during events. Don’t forget to hand out your phone number to potential new friends so that they can keep in touch with you.

Spend Time Outside

Let the new neighbourhood get used to seeing you around by spending some time outside. You can take walks around the neighbourhood if it is safe or simply greet neighbours walking by while you are sitting on the front porch. You can also take your kids to local parks, or find outdoor sporting hobbies. 

If you see a “for sale” or “to let board”, make sure you refer your neighbours to Master Movers – we will give you a voucher to spend to your heart’s content.

Make more time to meet your neighbours after a move by contacting us to make your move easier (and quicker), today!

Have we Moved you 2021

Have we Moved you 2021

Good Day  “ MM “  Ambassadors, 

Let’s kick your 2021 working year off with a sparkle! Some of that  “MMM” (Master Mover Magic). 

Since the MM  work family is a big part of our life, we want to assure you that we will always be there for you. Yes you’re right, we all move every few years and hence you have become a positive and critical extension of the Master Movers family.  We believe you are receiving the best service MM  has to offer you. Covid19 or not. We would like you to know that, and here we are again, following through with our after sales service with??  Our LITTLE VALUE ADD to you. We trust you are enjoying our reaching out in correspondence to you.

Moving is no mean feat. However, we are confident that we have what it takes to relieve your stresses as much as possible. Why? You chose us after all as your mover of choice. 

We believe in GIVERS GAIN and the ever-giving Master Movers is on the give again. 

We are here with this year’s appreciation offer.

CONTINUE to refer your buyer/seller/tenant to us with a positive recommendation. When they confirm with us, you get the value of a NETFLIX sub for 2 months. Did I hear THAT’s NOT SHABBY… well its our pleasure.

Since you have bestowed upon us your hard-earned cash for the move, we feel it is only fair to give back.

Go on, spoil yourself.

To a thriving 2021.

The Moving Masters