If you ask moving companies how you can reduce your moving costs, they will probably all give you a similar answer: get rid of what you don’t need. The longer you live in a house, the more things you are likely to accumulate. Even the most spartan homeowners gather a surprising collection of furnishings, books, clothing and various other tokens of their passions, hobbies and occupations.

While there will be selected items among these hoards that we will genuinely want to keep with us throughout our lives, there are always things that diminish in importance over time, that we stop using, or simply lose interest in. There are many people who diligently spring clean their homes at least once a year, but the rest of us let things pile up around us without really noticing.

Moving house provides an excellent opportunity and incentive to finally get around to sorting the things you still love from those that have served their purpose. Clearing out the clutter is not simply a matter of organising your life in anticipation of the change to come. It will also make your move easier and cheaper.

Save money on moving services

While there are several criteria by which the cost of moving services is calculated, one of the most important is the size of the load. By getting rid of the things you don’t need, you can reduce volume, and cut down significantly on your costs. Also, the more you get rid of, the less you have to pack, which means you can reduce the amount of time you spend packing. After the move is completed, remember to get your moving company to come and collect the unpacked boxes to assist you in reducing the debris as quickly and effectively as possible.

How to get rid of clutter when moving

The first thing to do when you make the decision to cut out the clutter before your move, is to do a thorough inventory of your household contents. This doesn’t have to be as heavy a task as it sounds. Take it one room at a time and start long before the move is due to happen so that you can give yourself time to work through your home methodically.

In each room, sort the large items from the smaller ones and then start categorising each according to whether it is a must-take item, an unwanted item that is still in good condition (and can therefore be sold or given to someone who has a better use for it) or something that is completely useless and can be thrown away. Draw up a list of what is in each room and mark each item according to the category it falls into. After you have worked through the inventory, prioritise the unwanted items and arrange to find new owners for them. Then throw away everything that is too old or damaged to be of use to anyone. What you are left with will be only the items that you really want and will be taking with you to the new house.

The best relocation companies will actually be able to do the inventory for you. This is a service that Master Movers offers. Instead of writing everything down, you can simply WhatsApp pictures of your belongings to us – so you can even cut down on the admin!

Once you have eliminated your unwanted items, you should have reduced your packing requirements considerably. Even then, packing can be an overwhelming task. It is best to tackle it in much the same way you did your inventory: room by room, a few boxes at a time – and start early so you have plenty of time to spare. Set a schedule and commit to finishing a certain number of boxes per day. That way, you can get the job done slowly and steadily, and without stress.

If you are looking for moving companies to help you streamline your short-distance or long-distance move, contact Master Movers.