Good Day Valued Clients as well as Prospective Clients ,

This Virus has indeed taken the world by storm.

We as Master Movers are very serious about having procedures in place and all our staff have been briefed and we continually follow up to ensure that the measures are being adhered to and taken seriously for the sake of all our sakes.

As Master Movers we are indeed grateful that we are not a huge organisation and that we can nip this matter in the bud as it were to the best of our ability and as per the WHO. They are the experts on the matter.

We have taken practical precautions that we feel is necessary within our work sector.

All teams wash hands as they enter at the warehouse in the morning and when they leave at the end of the day.

During the move when they arrive. The move Supervisor will be your only point of contact. He will ask to be shown to the nearest bathroom/servants quarters.

Then all the team will wash there hands. Then you deal with the move manager only until we leave then we wash again. At delivery we wash again and when we leave.

No sick person is at Master Movers.

If someone happens to sneeze it could be sinus. Then he will sneeze he will either use his sleeve or tissue then discard it immediately and wash hands again.

All our crews are aware of the risks and are taking the necessary precautions to avoid these risks.

Master Movers is at your service.

Trust this meets all your concerns and questions.


Kind regards,
The Master Movers Management Team