Are you on a budget? Here are some cost-effective ways to pack for your move and tips to help you to move into your new home worry-free. 

Use what you already have

Moving boxes and moving supplies are essential but you can use items that you already have around the house such as double-walled boxes, suitcases, or shoe boxes. If you have baskets, you can keep store linen or other soft items in these. You can use grocery bags to store towels or blankets. These soft items can also be used to protect fragile items such as cups and plates. Ensure that grocery bags lock and seal properly to prevent spillage during transit and avoid black bin bags as they can tear during your move.


You can save money (and time) if you have fewer items to store and transport. Don’t buy any furniture or equipment for your home or office that isn’t essential or save up to buy these items once you are settled in and can afford it. You can sell existing excess items at a garage sale, donate them to charity or just throw them out before your move. 

Storage facilities are also a great option when it comes to minimising the number of items you have and reducing moving costs. Master Movers provides cost-effective and spacious storage units around the country to help you to minimise.

Multipurpose items

Certain household items can work in your favour when it comes to moving. For example, suitcases can work as a clothing hamper or use it to store odd items that you need to move. You can vacuum seal your clothing with a Ziploc bag and a regular vacuum hose. Ziploc bags are also great to keep moisture out and for long-term storage. Straws work as great objects to keep necklaces from tangling. You can also use a matchbox, plastic pill case, or Tupperware for your earrings or rings. 

While professional movers are not cheap, it is cheaper to hire a moving company than to move on your own. You wouldn’t have to spend thousands on moving boxes or the fuel involved in making multiple trips back and forth. You can also avoid the costs that come with the risk of injury if you had to do the heavy lifting yourself (and chiropractor costs!). Professional movers such as the Master Movers team do everything from heavy lifting to professional packing so that you don’t have to spend a fortune or hurt yourself during the moving process. 

Master Movers can help you with cost-effective ways to pack – just give us a call today!