Have you ever asked yourself, “Does a DIY move save you money?

The label “DIY” is perceived as “affordable”. But, in the context of a residential move, does it really save money to do it all yourself? A DIY move with the help of friends and family may not be as cheap as you imagine.

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Bear in mind that most residential movers offer a variety of packages from a full-service move to more basic services. Depending on your needs, get a quote from three different businesses. Then draw up an itemised estimate of the costs involved in doing it yourself.

Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

One of the top moving tips is to remember to breathe! Moving home is a stressful event, but it need not get the better of you.

Thorough planning is key. As is proper research.

Investigate which movers can offer you good value for money. Then look at where you can save so that the experts can do what they do best – contribute to an effortless move.

Don’t Buy Boxes, Find Them

One way to offset the cost of using professional movers is to recycle. Instead of paying for boxes into which you will pack your belongings, ask your local supermarket or department store if you may have their empties. Look out for sturdy boxes for loading the heavy items.

Many store managers are only too happy to get rid of them and some may charge a nominal fee. Either way, include it in your timeline as it may take a little longer to amass enough for all your worldly goods.

Move During The Week

The busiest time for moving companies is at the end of the month and over weekends. If you have any say in the matter, try to schedule your move mid-month, during the week.

Does a DIY move save you money? For more information on the answer to this question and how you can reduce moving expenses, contact Master Movers without delay.