We all know that moving is stressful and expensive. Still, few home movers ever realise that the real danger of a residential move hides in its extreme unpredictability. While you are moving from Point A (your current home) to Point B (your new home), protecting yourself from injury is very important.

Moving injuries can’t be that bad, right? But pull a muscle or hurt your back, then you will sing a different song.

Below we give you some moving safety tips to avoid injuries while moving.

Safety Tip 1: Ask for assistance with moving

The process of moving a house is not a one-person affair. You might be lucky enough to have ample time until your move to take care of the organizational part, but packing up your house for a move will surely test your mental strength and physical endurance.  However, the impossible task is still possible, especially if you follow the correct safety precautions. Carrying, loading and unloading heavy items should be a team effort, ask for the right kind of moving assistance

Safety Tip 2: Watch the weight

One of the most important safety rules of moving house is that a packed strong double-walled box should not exceed the reasonable limit of 22 kg. Don’t make moving containers any heavier if you want to prevent injury. If a box feels uncomfortable for you to lift, it’s already too heavy. 

Safety Tip 3: Proper Lifting Techniques 

Proper lifting techniques are the key to prevent moving accidents.  Moving days are filled with awkward and unusual movements lifting, bending, pushing, pulling, and even twisting. This puts your body in physical strain, making you more prone to sustain minor or even severe injuries. Proper lifting equipment like trollies is just as essential.

Safety tip 4: Keep Hallways And Pathways Clear Of Obstacles 

Create a more unconstrained space for moving, both inside and outside your home.  It’s important to understand that clutter can quickly and severely be a hazard. Labelled boxes should be organized in neat piles away from any hallways that lead to the outside. 

The outdoor pathways that lead to the moving truck should be entirely free of any hazards that can lead to injury. 

Let Master Movers make your move injury free 

Moving abroad does not have to be overwhelming and stressful. Let Master Movers help you every step of the way. Contact us today or visit our website for moving options, 

Please remember that South Africa is in Lockdown now. Unfortunately, we can’t do any overseas or cross border moves now. We will keep you updated as things change.