When it comes to a business move, most companies will provide a relocation benefit, but the process can still be costly for employees because relocation expenses are not always predictable.

The major relocation expenses include:

    • Real estate expenses
    • Moving household goods, cars and pets
    • Short-term housing and storage
    • Airfare, car rentals and miscellaneous travel expenses.

However, there are many more incidentals that should be budgeted for.

Eligibility And Obtaining Approval

Before you run up a massive relocation bill, check with your HR department to see if you are eligible for relocation expenses. Some moves are made of the employee’s own volition and are not budgeted for by the company.

If you do get approval, get it in writing. Make sure you have this before you start booking movers or committing to any expenses relating to the move.

Obtaining Move/Relocation Trip Number

An important aspect of the paperwork from your employer is a move/relocation trip number. Do not begin the process until you have this.

Arranging Moving Company Payment

Before you commit to a moving company’s quote, check what your company will pay for. Perhaps they will only pay for removal and not for packing or storage. Will your employer pay for vehicle shipping?  If not, you should decide whether you can do without those or whether you will take care of those personally.

Expense reimbursement requests must be submitted within 60 days of when the expense was incurred although this may differ from company to company.

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Obtaining Move/Relocation Trip Number

Check whether your employer will cover expenses for you (and your family) relating to the move. It is not always possible to move directly into your new home. Find out if you will be reimbursed for hotel costs. Will they cover the cost of a rental car while you search for a new vehicle?

This is a huge undertaking. Make sure you know exactly where you stand with your employer so that you are not left out of pocket.

Whether you are moving your business to new premises or relocating staff to other destinations, we will make sure that your business move goes as smoothly as possible. Contact Master Movers for more information.