Good Day  “ MM “  Ambassadors, 

Let’s kick your 2021 working year off with a sparkle! Some of that  “MMM” (Master Mover Magic). 

Since the MM  work family is a big part of our life, we want to assure you that we will always be there for you. Yes you’re right, we all move every few years and hence you have become a positive and critical extension of the Master Movers family.  We believe you are receiving the best service MM  has to offer you. Covid19 or not. We would like you to know that, and here we are again, following through with our after sales service with??  Our LITTLE VALUE ADD to you. We trust you are enjoying our reaching out in correspondence to you.

Moving is no mean feat. However, we are confident that we have what it takes to relieve your stresses as much as possible. Why? You chose us after all as your mover of choice. 

We believe in GIVERS GAIN and the ever-giving Master Movers is on the give again. 

We are here with this year’s appreciation offer.

CONTINUE to refer your buyer/seller/tenant to us with a positive recommendation. When they confirm with us, you get the value of a NETFLIX sub for 2 months. Did I hear THAT’s NOT SHABBY… well its our pleasure.

Since you have bestowed upon us your hard-earned cash for the move, we feel it is only fair to give back.

Go on, spoil yourself.

To a thriving 2021.

The Moving Masters