If you plan on moving office, there are important factors to consider for the safety of your employees and their families, if applicable. Choosing an office mover is important in this regard as they are expert movers who have experience when dealing with health and safety during an office relocation. We have a guide below for more information.

Staff involvement in the move

It is not only unfair to get staff involved in the move on their time, but you can risk injuries that your company would be liable for should something happen to staff during the move. The injuries could be minor or major depending on the age of your staff and their health but even a minor injury could be risky for companies.

Moving risk assessment and guidelines

If you do get staff in the process, you need to consider risk assessments and guidelines to limit any risk and liabilities. Employees need a safety protocol with clear steps. Other factors that should be taken into account include:

    • Would it be easier to hire a company with professional equipment to handle heavy items?
    • Do any tasks require specialised knowledge to store or move? Does staff have this knowledge?
    • How far are you transporting items? Will there be obstacles like stairs that could hurt your staff?

Choosing a qualified removal company

It’s the safest option to hire professional office movers for commercial moves. Master Movers has all your business moving requirements taken care of when moving office. Whether you are moving your business to new premises or relocating staff to other destinations, we will make sure that the move goes as smoothly as possible. We strictly adhere to all safetly and COVID-19 protocals. For more information on how we can help your business with your office move, give us a call today!