Choosing a moving date is often a complex process thanks to all the moving parts you are juggling:

  • The timing of your current rental lease versus the terms of agreement regarding occupancy of your new premises.
  • Mover availability.
  • Travel time should you be moving long distances.
  • Your personal preferences about the best time for a relocation.

Here are some tips to help you choose a moving date.

Flexibility Helps

Both residential movers and commercial movers are typically busiest at the end of the month – in line with most lease agreements. Weekends are popular dates for those requiring minimal impact on productivity. Plus, Fridays are the day of the week when many transfers are completed.

On the contrary,  the best moving date for a tight budget is none of the above!

Availability of Volunteers

Even if you are not planning a DIY move, extra hands are invaluable. Reduce the stress associated with moving office or home by delegating.

If possible, draw up a moving plan that gives you a sufficient amount of time to rally the troops to get much of the preparation done.

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When Your Moving Date is Already Fixed

Has a specific date already been set? No worries!

You can still stay within budget using a professional moving company by:

  • Negotiating with your landlord or real estate agent to reduce or circumvent any penalties.
  • Do as much planning, preparation, and packing ahead of time as possible. (Divide big tasks into a series of mini jobs. Then prioritise and set deadlines for each step to be completed.)
  • Being organised will speed up the whole moving service process – from loading the truck to getting ahead of the afternoon traffic.

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