Q: In a country as prone to drought as South Africa, what are the chances of rain on moving day?
A: More likely than you might think – especially if you subscribe to Murphy’s Law!

Fear not, though! As seasoned residential movers and commercial movers, we have some tricks up our sleeve for rainy day moves.

Use Plastic Bins Instead of Cardboard Boxes

Using plastic bins is the best way to protect your items from moisture. Check that the lids fit tightly and if not, use packing tape to seal the openings.

Although not as economical or environmentally friendly as cardboard boxes, they are a godsend when unpacking and can be reused after your move.

Wrap Your Household Items

Many household items will not fit into plastic bins. Start by protecting them with old towels then wrapping them with plastic wrap and/or tarps. Be particularly mindful of items that will be ruined if they get wet:

  • Avoid having to sleep on a mouldy mattress by investing in a proper mattress bag.
  • Use black rubbish bags to cover your artwork before it is loaded inside the moving truck.
  • Take apart large items of furniture and put plastic coverings on each piece.
  • Appliances do not respond well to getting wet. Use plastic bags to waterproof smaller items and large sheets of plastic for larger items.

Avoid resting anything on wet ground or in mud. Be sure to dry off the outer coverings of everything as it is loaded into the back of the truck.

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Know the Weather Report

If there is even the slightest chance of rain from on move day, you will probably already be glued to your favourite weather app! But as veteran moving companies will tell you, it is far better to prepare for moving in the rain than it is to wish the weather forecast would change.

Perhaps the renewal and fresh start associated with rain will be a good omen for you:

Rainy day, rainy nights. Wash the world, set to right.
Cleansing streets, set apart. Rainy days, cleanse the heart.”

Professional moving companies are equipped with the tools and expertise to pack and move your belongings safely, even in foul weather! For more information about how to handle rain on moving day, get in touch with Master Movers today!