As a parent, it is up to you to prepare your children for moving to a new home. Calm kids aren’t free from all fear and worry. But there are eight tried-and-tested ways to ease their transition.

Tell your Kids About the Move the Right Way

  1. In the chaos leading up to your move, taking the time to properly tell young children what is going on may slip your mind. But the key to an emotionally safe move is to give your kids ample time to come round to the idea of giving up their comfort zone. Share with them the exciting things they can look forward to in the new place, like a nearby playground or an unusual backyard.
  2. As well as allowing them to come to terms with the relocation, telling children early in the moving process lets you manage their emotions. Do not let them hear it from anyone other than you.
  3. Clarify exactly which family members will be living in the new house.
  4. Provide them with guidance on what to expect on moving day so that the event is more predictable and comfortable.
  5. If possible, visit your new home and/or town before the big day so that they can visualise their new life

Avoid Packing your Child’s Beloved Items and Toys

  1. Anxiety about moving is not limited to toddlers. Older children don’t much like big changes either – even if you manage to frame the move as an adventure. To calm first night jitters, the predictability of their old belongings gives kids a feeling of stability. Favourite toys and charging devices need to be easily accessible come bedtime.
  2. On that note, keep a first-aid kit, water, and some snacks handy. Be sure to schedule breaks to replenish your energy and mental health.

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Bribe them With Treats

  1. An oldie, but a goodie! There are times when old-fashioned bribery is the best way to instil a positive attitude! Don’t beat yourself up about it. Bear in mind, too, that “treats” need not be sweets.

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