When getting ready to move to your new home, it’s best to make a complete moving inventory. While moving companies can transport your household items safely to your new home, having an inventory of everything will make the process easier for you. Although this seems like a big job to do, having a master list of all your possessions will keep track of everything and in the event of damage or theft, serve as a record of your items. Follow these tips to make it easier.

Have an Inventory of Each Room 

Have a separate inventory list for each room on a different piece of paper. Work your way through every room in the house, starting with larger items all the way down to small stuff. This will also help you in sorting and labeling boxes.

List Detail Specifics 

Some items need extra descriptions to document including:

  • Warranties
  • Condition
  • Current value
  • Model and serial number

You can also write what room it came from and what room you want it will go in the new house. 

Take Photos 

This gives you proof of the current condition of items. It will also show evidence of ownership in the event that it gets stolen. Anything can be written down but a picture is an indisputable proof.

Double Check Your Home 

You can miss things when you are documenting every item you own. It’s easy to overlook stuff, thinking you already wrote them down. Taking another trip through your rooms can give you a second look at things and maybe help you include more detail.

Make a Digital Copy 

It’s best to have a secure backup in case you lose your paperwork. Having your inventory in the cloud will make it easy to access wherever you are and have a digital copy for insurance purposes.

Creating a detailed home inventory before your move will make the process much easier. Relocation services companies like Master Movers provide a house packing service to assist you in your move around Pretoria. With offices in Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban, we are among the best house removal companies in South Africa. Contact us today for more information.