Due to the tedious repetitiveness and extended duration of the job of packing your house for moving, one possible problem you may face while you are packing up your things is the lack of motivation to pack. Packing for a move can be an incredibly demotivating task and is the most time-consuming and tedious task in your moving checklist. Luckily, there are some ways to combat this mental state so that you can finish packing as scheduled.

8 tips for packing motivation 

Have a look at these 8 tips and tricks that can help you get motivated to pack for moving.

1. Create a packing checklist, then follow it closely 

One of the primary reasons why you may feel rather demotivated to start packing for a move is that you do not know where to start packing your house. What is more, you may not be sure when to initiate the packing process. In reality, all you need is a useful packing checklist to follow. A packing to-do list will guide you throughout the entire process, from start to finish. The packing checklist will keep informing you what room and what items to pack next so that minimum time is lost in the process. Often, a useful packing guide is all it takes to get you motivated to pack your items the way a professional packer would. Ultimately, a packing timeline will lead to guaranteed packing progress. Try setting a goal of packing so many boxes per day, and by move day you will be way ahead of the shoeshine.

2. Start packing your home in the right order 

The home packing process should always follow a logical progression for maximum efficiency. Start packing from the rooms you think will be the toughest ones to sort out and pack into boxes. Those hard-to-pack places in your home are usually the storage areas, followed by the kitchen, and then the living room. This way, you can stay motivated, knowing that you have got the most demanding move-related tasks under control.

3. Break the packing process into mini-tasks 

It can be demotivating to start packing if you view the process as one never-ending project that will take forever to complete. Packing in stages is a proven tactic to get motivated because you will be able to see the immediate results of your work. How the pack-in-stages trick works is by breaking the entire packing project into several stages that coincide with the rooms in your home. Then, within those separate stages, you designate mini-tasks to boost your packing motivation as you complete one mini packing task after the other.

4. Pack only the things that make sense to be packed

One easy trick to motivate yourself to start packing for the move is the idea that you will not be packing all the household items you own. By cutting down the number of things you will need to pack, you will spend less time boxing up your things. Also, you will not need to spend hours and hours disassembling your largest and heaviest furniture pieces or wrapping each dismantled furniture part for safe transport. Stay motivated to pack by knowing that you are only moving things you love and plan on using in the foreseeable future. Get rid of any items that are useless, unwanted, broken, or long-forgotten. Think about the storage space in your new home, especially when you are downsizing. Keep your packing motivation by packing only the things that make sense to be packed and moved to your new home.

5. Motivate yourself through mini rewards 

One of the reasons why it is so difficult to stay motivated when packing for your move is that the entire home packing process takes forever to complete and it is a super boring task that is very repetitive and not fun to do. What is more, you get nothing in return when you complete a specific packing task either. Packing will tire you out physically and mentally. You will need to find a way to trick your mind into staying focused on that task at hand. What better way to do that than to know that there will be some reward after you complete a mini packing task, something to look forward to during exceedingly tedious periods of boxing item after item. Stay motivated when packing for your move by coming up with a reward system of some kind, a smart way to pat yourself on the back for finishing a major packing project. Use the power of rewards to encourage yourself to keep packing.

6. Ask your friends for a hand and add some fun to the mix 

Another reason to lose motivation is when the workload is too much for you to handle on your own. In such cases, you have got two viable options:

  • Hire professional packers to help you out, which can be even more demotivating knowing that the extra service will cost you more money.
  • Ask your friends to help you pack – you may not be too thrilled to ask your pals that favour, but it seems like you are running out of time and options.

A great way to pack for a move without getting overwhelmed is to get invaluable friendly assistance when you need it most. Any activity, no matter how tedious or repetitive, can be made fun when doing it together with good friends. Reach out to friends as early as possible to minimise disrupting their plans. Be open and tell them exactly what type of help you need, and promise to return the favour when the need to do so arises. Play music in the background, provide tasty snacks and refreshing drinks, and try to make it fun as you are boxing up your stuff. 

7. Keep packing distractions at bay 

How fast and how effectively you will be able to complete packing tasks will depend greatly on how often you get distracted from what you are doing. Harmful distractions are likely to slow you down, even if you are proud of your multitasking skills. Getting motivated to pack when you are moving house can become a problem when forced to deal with frequent interruptions and constant distractions. It can be discouraging and demotivating having to stop in the middle of packing a box to do something else. Do your best to limit any distractions when packing so that you do not fall too far behind your pre-set packing schedule. Doing more than one thing at a time will drain your energy faster. Less energy to work will mean lowered motivation to pack.

8. Consider the savings you will make 

There are times when you will need professional assistance. You may need help when large and heavy furniture pieces need to be disassembled, packed, and moved safely to your new address, especially when those furniture items are antique. When moving long-distance, cross-country moving companies will charge you a fixed rate for accessorial services of packing. The quoted price will usually include the cost of the required packing supplies. When moving locally, movers will charge you for packing based on the days it takes the moving crew to pack up your home. You will be given an estimate, but the actual price will most likely be higher than that initial calculation. Hiring movers to pack your home may be the easiest option for you, but you will have to pay for that service. Pack whatever you can yourself and leave to the pros only special items that require professional packing services.

So, whenever you feel like you are lacking the motivation to pack for moving, think of all the hard-earned money that you are saving. You will feel a resurgence of motivation to finish packing without or with minimal professional packers’ aid.

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