Of all the large items you may have to move when you are relocating, a refrigerator is among the heaviest. Packing and moving companies are experts in this field so here are 7 tips from the pros:

  1. Unplug your fridge the day before the move Defrost the fridge by unplugging it in the morning. This also allows the oil from the compressor can have a chance to settle.
  2. Wash it thoroughly While your fridge may seem clean, once it defrosts you can get some unpleasant food odors when you open it up on the other end. Clean and disinfect to avoid this.
  3. Take out any removable shelves Now that you have cleaned them, you should ship all shelves separately. The fridge will be manhandled quite a bit during the move and you don’t want to replace broken shelves.
  4. Move it away from the wall without scratching the floor Most fridges don’t have wheels and if you pull and drag it away from the wall you could damage your floors. Lean it back until you can get something under the feet like cardboard.
  5. Wrap it with moving blankets so it won’t get damaged You don’t want any new scratches on your fridge so it’s best to wrap it with plastic first to secure the door. Then you can use a moving blanket and tape it tightly around it.
  6. Use a trolley or hand truck Get your trolley under the fridge by leaning it back and sliding it underneath. Once you have it on make sure to keep it level. A hand truck is another way to move the fridge and it can be strapped tightly to it. 
  7. Take your time The is no hurry when it comes to moving a fridge. Plan out your move and clear a wide path. Once it’s loaded on the truck make sure it’s secured tightly for the drive. Always move a fridge in the upright position to ensure there is no damage to the mechanics.

Master Movers follow these steps to provide a worry-free move. We go the extra mile by putting white paper inside to absorb dampness and odors. We do this free as part of our service so your fridge is ready to be used when it’s delivered. We also do this for washing machines. 

Your refrigerator will arrive safe and sound at its new home so you can fill it up with your favorite food. Master Movers are in Cape Town, Durban, and Johannesburg and are ready to help. They are one of the best relocation companies in South Africa. Contact us today for more information on how we can assist you in your next move.