If there is one thing that South Africans are truly proud of, it’s their fine quality wines. Perhaps you have amassed quite a collection of wines throughout the years and you are wondering how it will fare during a move? Picking a mode of transportation for your wine all depends on the size of your wine collection and also the distance it will need to travel.

In your own vehicle. 

If your collection is valuable yet small enough to transport yourself, then this is a great option. Always pack your wine on its side to keep the corks wet. Be sure to pack it appropriately and provide adequate cushioning against breakage. Be aware that transporting wine in a hot car may ruin it. Like any liquid, wine cooks in the heat. If you have ever left a bottle of water in a hot car and come back and tried to take a sip you will know how hot it can get. You can pack your wine collection in cooler boxes filled with ice or ice packs. If you need to stop along the way, always park in the shade. Top up your ice along the way if your journey is particularly long to keep your wine cool. Use ‘Fragile’  labels to show which way the box must lie and to show which way is up.

Moving company

Hiring one of the best relocation companies is a good idea if your wine collection is too big to move by yourself. Master Movers will make an updated inventory of all your bottles before shipping so that you can get an accurate quote for the move. When moving internationally there will be duties and taxes in the country of destination so get MM to pack as well as this is an Insurance precaution. Once again, be sure to pack your wine carefully and thoroughly into boxes with bubble wrap and cushioning to stop them from breaking and/or knocking against each other when moving within Gauteng and/or emigrating.

After moving your fine wine collection and the relocation is complete,  and your wines are safe, you may be tempted to enjoy a glass or two. You will have to wait before you do this. You need to let your wine sit for at least 7 days before opening any of the relocated bottles. This is to prevent ‘Bottle Shock’. Bottle Shock is a loss of flavour that can occur after a bottle of wine is opened too soon after being jostled around during transportation. The phenolics, tannins and compounds of wine are constantly evolving both on their own and in relation to each other,  and heat and/or motion can confuse these elements temporarily. It is best to let the wine and/or sediment of older wines settle before enjoying that well-deserved glass of vino. (or two!)

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