Even with the top long distance residential moving companies on hand, relocating is a stressful experience with many different aspects to consider. One conundrum is how to pack your drawers without adding any more unnecessary worries. Not paying attention to how you should pack your drawers increases the risk of your items collapsing due to sheer weight as well as items going missing.

Three ways to pack drawers for moving: 

Option 1 – Unpack your drawers into boxes

  • Line. Place sheets of clean packing paper inside packing boxes to ensure your belongings have added protection.
  • Empty. Never, and I repeat never, throw all your items out of the drawers at once. Rather start from the bottom drawer and work your way up.
  • Transfer. In a systemic way and not all at once! Pack whatever was inside the drawers neatly into your sturdy lined boxes.
  • Tape and label. Using thick tape, close and label your boxes. Ensure if you have a box of fragile items, it is specified on the box. There are many moving companies in South Africa that may not take care of their customers’ belongings. At Master Movers our promise is to move and pack your items carefully.

When emptying your drawers we recommend that you avoid using black bags as well as  a washing basket that is taped closed. Having your items visible could lead to theft. 

Option 2 – Keep your belongings in the drawers

  • Remove. Remove each draw and place them where you can work easily with them.
  • Add. If a draw is half-empty place clothing or bedding inside. This will minimize the risk of items shifting inside and getting damaged.
  • Cover. Master Movers does this in addition -Finally, wrap your furniture item in a protective blanket.

Remember that kists can also be packed with linen inside softs and they can lock it up so it does not fly open. This is a clever way to make use of unused spaces.

Option 3 – Keep each drawer back in its original place 

  • Add. Fill any half-empty draws with clothing or bedding to minimize the risk of items shifting and getting damaged.
  • Secure. Strap the unit closed to ensure that nothing falls out if the chest of drawers cannot lock up.
  • Cover. Finally, wrap your furniture item in a protective blanket. 

Avoid the unnecessary confusion on how to pack your drawers. At Master Movers, we take pride in giving our customers a stress-free move.

When looking for moving companies, South Africa can trust Master Movers for a professional and personalised moving experience. Our expert staff of relocators, movers, and drivers can handle all your moving needs from start to finish. Contact us today.