Need to pack your kitchen and fragile items? It can be very difficult if you do not know what to do. Packing fragile items can also be tricky. Don’t worry, we have some tips to help you out.

Start With The Right Preparation By Packing Your Kitchen

Packing your kitchen during a move can be overwhelming. It will help if you make a plan or prepare yourself before the move. You may have kitchen items you haven’t used for a long time. Go through your cupboards and put them in your junk box. These include old kitchen appliances, small kitchens, and old pantry items you aren’t going to use.

You may want to look at your pantry items before you pack them away. There is some perishable food that may be expired or won’t survive the trip. Go through these foods and toss them out or use them up before the move. 

Will you need boxes, packing paper, or other containers? After sorting through these items, you can start to get packing materials on standby.  You can either invest in these packaging materials yourself or hire a moving company like Master Movers who have expert packaging material and knowledge of what packaging is required.

How To Pack Dishes

If you are packing dishes, place them stand side by side on their edges and add crumpled paper at the bottom. After that, put bubble wrap and white paper inside to ensure it is safe for travel. 

For pots and pans, stack larger items into smaller items with packing paper to separate them. Keep pots and pans from opening during the move by stuffing openings with crumbled paper or a dish cloth. 

Stack plastic bowls or Tupperwares with a piece of packing paper between them. Keep them wrapped tight by wrapping them in plastic. You’ll probably have space between your bowls. You can use this space to pack small items like utensils. 

If you’re packing knives, use packing paper to properly wrap each knife and then wrap a dish towel around them. Use a rubber band to keep everything together.

You can use small or larger boxes depending on what you are packing. Fragile items require smaller boxes and bigger boxes will be best for tupperware, pots and platter plates. 

How To Pack Kitchen Glassware

Fragile items such as glassware need to be handled with care during packing. You’ll have to double wrap each glass with packing paper and keep lighter glassware on top.  

Bubble wrap will help protect fragile items during transit. If you have pot lids that are made from glass, these need to be wrapped carefully too. 

It’s best to consult the professionals when it comes to packing materials and boxes as they know which is best for fragile items.

Master Movers are expert movers who have years of experience in packaging fragile kitchen items. We have the expert packaging material and gentle touch your fragile kitchen items need. 

Let our experts pack your kitchen and fragile items – give us a call today!