Your family’s kitchen is usually the most intimidating room to pack, especially if you are going to make a long-distance move. We’re going to give you some helpful tips to make the process go a little smoother and help protect your fragile items.

Start by setting up a proper workstation with white paper and boxes to make sure your boxes are at waist height to eliminate constant bending over. 


When packing dishes, you want to start by placing a protective layer of white paper on the bottom of the box. To create this layer take a sheet of paper and crumpled it together, roll it into a second sheet and then a third. Continue to make bumpers of paper until the bottom of the box is completely covered. The first item you should start with is the plates. Take one of your dishes, set it on a sheet of paper, fold another sheet of paper over, and place it on its rim in the box. Always make sure that you stack your plates vertically in the box. It’s safer that way. Next, you can wrap bowls, take one of your dishes, set it in the center of the paper, and place a sheet over the top. Place a second bowl inside it and add another layer, also put these on their sides inside the box.


Glasses are very fragile, so you want to be extremely careful with them. Take a glass and again roll it in the paper and stuff the extra paper into the glass. Place your glasses in the box standing up straight, if you have glasses with handles, make sure you allow for enough paper to protect the handle. Once you have your first layer stacked, place another layer of bumper paper on top. Glasses especially cut crystal glass should be packed by your movers using a smaller box with double-walled cartons.


Utensils should get wrapped together to help keep them uniformed in the box. Take a few tools and roll them in the sheet of paper and place them in the box, build up the box until it is full.  Other long utensils such as spoons and spatulas can be bundled together and placed in the box 

Pots and pans 

Pots, pans, and Tupperware can come in one box. Make sure you wrap your pots in paper and the lids separately. 

We can make your move easier 

If packing your kitchen for a long move sounds too stressful ,allow Master Movers to help you. We can take care of the  move to your new home or office so you can focus on your next chapter. Contact us today.