It is vital to draw up a floor plan for your home before relocating. We show you how to prepare a floor plan to keep track of the items you will be taking with you. Follow these tips to let your movers know where your items will go in your new home. 

Think About The Layout

How would you like your new home to look? You may want your belongings arranged similarly to your old home, or you may be moving into a smaller apartment and need to make the most out of your living space. Decide on what items should be kept in each room and indicate this on your layout. This makes the moving process way more fun!

Would items fit in the room you prefer? Consider using measuring tape when making a layout so you can make an accurate measurement of your belongings to ensure that the item you’re marking off will fit in a particular room. If your movers aren’t able to fit certain items through a front door, indicate that they should enter via another door (or to use hoisting over balconies), if applicable. 

Consider What Furniture You Will Take With You

Where do you want your new furniture to be? Consider the placement of large pieces of furniture first as these furniture pieces need to be arranged so that there is adequate wall space for electrical outlets or light switches. You can mark these furniture items on your floor plan accordingly. 

If you can’t fit all of your old furniture into your new home, consider putting it into Master Movers’ storage or arranging to get rid of it. Make sure you mark off which items which your moving crew needs to take to storage facilities. 

Avoiding Pivots

Avoid pivots by ensuring your floor plan is an accurate representation of your home. Ensure you mark off staircases or obstacles that may interfere with movers getting items through. Mapping out how your items will be arranged will help them to get your belongings in faster, as well as make unpacking easier for you.

If you are having issues with your layout, there are online layout sites and mobile apps available to you. 

Layouts make the moving process easier for you and your movers, but to ensure a successful move, make sure you choose a reputable moving company. Expert movers will coordinate your move with you and ensure that your belongings go where it needs to be. Master Movers are professionals who can help you ensure your belongings arrive in one piece and it is where they should be. We coordinate the entire moving process with you, ensuring everything works according to your layout. 

For more info on how to prepare a floor plan for movers, contact Master Movers today!