When choosing a new office space, it’s essential to take your time. While considering a new office location for your business, you want the workspace to match your objectives and values. Your workspace plays a vital role in your company’s productivity and success, so it’s essential to choose carefully. Check out these four things you can do to prepare your new office space.

1. Choose to paint your walls bold colours 

Working in an office with all white walls isn’t an ideal workspace. Use bold colours like blue, green, and orange for the walls around your office. Find a colour that compliments the line of work you do and the type of environment you want to create. Some people advise to stay away from red because it’s too intense, but it might just be perfect if you’re in a fast-paced, high stakes environment.

2. Get A Thorough Inspection Done Before Settling In 

Getting a thorough inspection done is vital if you are moving into a new building. A proper inspection needs to include consulting an electrician, roofing expert, and plumbing experts. A simple check can help you find hidden problems that can prevent unforeseen issues in the future. Make sure you get multiple professionals to give the building a clean slate of health before signing off.

3. Execute The Relocation In Stages 

Moving into a new office, installing new equipment, and organising inspections take a lot of time. Don’t make the mistake of attempting to do everything at once. With any office relocation, it’s essential to keep your customer service uninterrupted during the move. Trying to do everything at once can impact your cash flow and how much time you’re able to spend with your clients. Make an extensive plan, together with your moving company, for your new office and execute the project in multiple stages.

4. Your safe 

If you are planning on moving the office safe make sure to check with a structural engineer whether the new office floor can handle the weight capacity.

How Master Movers can help you 

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