If you have decided to take the leap and move overseas, you will need a moving container company that can ensure that your move is as trouble-free as possible. Chances are, you are doing this for the first time, so you need to rely on the professionalism of a moving company with experience in this specific field.

Choosing an International Moving Container Company

When you are looking to move a container of your belongings overseas, do not simply sign up with the mover that offers you the cheapest quote. Make sure you choose a service provider who has relevant experience and is familiar with shipping to your destination.

To streamline the process, you should find a mover that provides a single coordination, someone who will work with you to ensure that every aspect is perfect – from storage services to packing and unpacking. You need access to consultants who will advise you of the procedures and documentation required, both here and at your overseas destination country.

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Special Considerations for International Moves

Moving your possessions internationally can seem like a mammoth task. It generally comes down to time vs. cost. The quicker you need it done, the more you will pay. When time is a factor, air freight may be more suitable than sea shipping.

Other important factors to consider include paying customs, shipping options, time at sea and cost.

When the Moving Container Arrives

Master Movers acts as the conduit between the entire door to door process and to streamline the process for your convenience.

In line with international standards, having undertaken to be honest and trustworthy that nothing is the container that is not allowed, we need to pack and wrap all as the consignment is in our care and under our name.

Essential Documents to Keep on You

    • Packing list: a detailed list of the items in every single box.
    • Power of attorney form authorizing your freight forwarder to arrange customs clearance on your behalf.
    • Copy of your ID/passport
    • Work permit and/or residence visa or permanent residency.
    • Terms and conditions that will govern your international move.

Each country’s regulations are different so ensure that you are ready for all that it entails when moving and transitioning to a new country. Master Movers is your support system with the new changes before you arrive in the space.

If you are looking for a move that takes place with minimum disruption, on time and within your relocation allowance or personal budget, contact the International Relocation Specialists at Master Movers today. We are a moving container company that can assist you with your overseas move.