Unwanted items can take up way too much space in your home. You likely have several items to toss before moving but where do you start? Here is a moving checklist of everything you need to throw out before your move to help you to declutter. 

Books you won’t re-read

If you have books that you are never going to re-read, it’s time to toss them out. If a book doesn’t have a sentimental value to you, or if you haven’t had the time to re-read it, it’s probably just going to end up taking up room in your new home and bookshelf. Clearing out old books will also make room for you to add brand new books that inspire you to read more.

Get rid of old books for having a yard sale or invite your friends and family over to pick out books that they love. You can also donate books to charities or thrift stores or pack them away in a storage unit until you can sell or donate them.

Shoes you don’t wear

It is tough to get rid of beautiful shoes, especially if you are a shoe lover. However, those beautiful boots or high heels that you wore once but found uncomfortable are just taking up space in your wardrobe. Once you get rid of the old, you will have more space for new shoes. Give your old shoes away to charity or toss them out if they are not in good shape

Cheap furniture

Unless your old furniture is special to you, it is probably cheaper to buy new furniture than move old, cheap furniture. You can toss out old furniture and use the money that you save from moving costs to buy brand new (and better) furniture. Find someone interested in your furniture by having a yard sale or listing it online or find second-hand stores and charities that might want it.

Do you still need to free up space? Storage units are the ultimate solution for clutter and unwanted items. If you don’t have time to sell your old items (or if you simply cannot get rid of them for sentimental reasons), Master Movers provides storage facilities to help you to free up space before you move. Choose a storage unit that works for you – every unit is secured and monitored 24/7. Once your items are safely stored away, you can decide whether you want to toss them out or if they are worth keeping. If you decide to keep your items, we can store them away for longer for you.

For more info on items to toss before moving or our storage facilities, contact our team today!