Funded by partners and sponsors like ourselves, the Cart Horse Protection Association contributes to the welfare of 270 working horses who support more than 3000 people on the Cape Flats.

The support that the Cart Horse Protection Association offer, varies and includes service provision, education and training to cart horse owners, drivers and guards.

The cart horse owners and drivers are from communities that spread across the Cape Flats and most live in informal settlements, council housing or council estates/apartments.

This community of cart horse owners face serious socio-economic struggles in the form of rampant gang violence, poverty, unemployment, substance abuse and crime.

Education levels in these areas are very low and many people in the community never completed primary school. There are high levels of illiteracy which makes it difficult to enter the formal job market.

In the areas, the culture of hand-to-mouth existence is very prevalent.

It is therefore the mission of the Cart Horse Protection Association to care for these horses as a thin, lame, sick or injured cart horse does not only pose a welfare concern but also has an extreme adverse effect on the earning capacity of the cart horse owner and operator.

The death or permanent lameness of a working cart horse due to lack of accessibility to veterinary care, could contribute to the cycle of poverty in which many live.


118 Cart Horse Owners
500 Cart Horse Drivers & Guards
3000+ Community Members
270 Working Cart Horses

Upon consideration of the amazing work that they do, Master Movers quickly jumped onboard as a monthly sponsor of the organization. They are a credible NPO working in the field of animal welfare and the social investment returns are worth it for any business.

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