Moving without help? It is quite a risk to take but it is not impossible. You have to avoid mistakes when moving to save you on unwanted expenses. Expect to do a lot more work than you expected. Here are some common mistakes when moving that you should avoid.

Spending Too Much on Packing

A common moving mistake is spending money on packing supplies that you cannot afford. You can often use items that you find around the house such as cardboard boxes for moving boxes and newspaper for packing paper. Try to use household items before you go out to shop for packaging items. Look for double-walled strong virgin boxes when you are packing your items as these are the strongest boxes.

Packing Heavy Items in Large Boxes

The best option when loading heavy items is to use small boxes, not large ones. Small boxes will help you to carry these items better and make unloading a lot easier on your back. Make sure to keep heavy items away from fragile items and store them at the bottom if you are using rental trucks as they can roll or slip and damage other items.

Not Getting Enough Supplies

Moving takes more packing supplies than you think. If you have a lot of dishes, you are going to need tons of packing paper and bubble wrap to wrap each dish. Do not assume that newspaper or towels are enough – you need packing tape and wraps to make sure your items stay in one place during transportation. It’s best to purchase extra supplies or contact a moving company that will have enough supplies for each item.

Not Labelling

Labelling your boxes will save you the time and headache of having to go through all your boxes to find one item. You are going to urgently need things like chargers and important documents so these need to be labelled and placed in the front where you can find them. Labelling will also make it easier to pack your car or truck so that you know which boxes you should be careful with. 

To make your move even easier, Master Movers will provide you with a priority box when you move so you easily find the items that you need in a hurry. 

Avoid these mistakes and make your move stress-free by hiring professional movers to help you with the packing and unpacking. Master Movers has the knowledge, packaging supplies, and skill to expertly pack items for safe delivery to your new location.

Avoid mistakes when moving by hiring our professional moving company – call us today!