Moving antiques is a delicate process. You need to be careful when handling fragile items to avoid damaging your valuables and family heirlooms. Find out how to move these types of antique items with minimal damage here. 

Amassing the right equipment

Using the right equipment is essential when moving antiques safely to a new home or destination. Items such as antique furniture, lamps, or mirrors are delicate and require padding, cushioning, or foam to prevent breakage. 

Professional movers use corner protectors to protect fragile items during a move, as well as other packing materials such as bubble wrap and blankets. They also use moving trucks and bigger vehicles which offer adequate space for the storage of fragile items.

Packing antiques and collectibles for a move

To pack antiques, you will need a strong cardboard box or a wooden crate for smaller items. You can use custom crates or plastic crates for heavier items. It is important to use layers of protection (and good packing tape and packing paper) to protect delicate items from breakage, dust, and water damage. 

Glassware and fragile items should be placed in a plastic container or bins with extra bubble wrap. Remember, these items need to be handled with care during your move. Move items slowly and carefully – do not drag or push the boxes or containers.

Hiring professional movers

The best way to move antiques is to hire a professional moving company. Movers come with professional packaging equipment, moving trucks, and knowledge to safely store, transport, and move your antique items to your new destination. Professional movers that are reputable and reliable such as Master Movers will ensure that your belongings are moved safely and reduce the stress (and costs) on you.

Master Movers have professional antique movers who have years of experience in the packaging, transporting and storage of antiques. We specialise in local and long-distance moves and relocation around South Africa and abroad and ensure that your antique pieces arrive at their final destination safely.

If you are moving antiques and require assistance, call the experts at Master Movers today!