What is the difference between full service vs. self-storage solutions? Find out if a full-service moving company storage or a self-storage facility is best for you and your belongings.


Self-storage facilities include garages or warehouses where you can store your belongings and access them whenever you need them. You have shorter contract periods which is great for those looking for temporary storage.

There are many cons to self-storage, however, such as the contracts that come with additional fees such as a fee for lost keys. If you don’t pay your rent, you can lose your items to an auctioneer. You also have limits on what you can store in certain storage self-storage facilities. Having your items stacked in an open warehouse is not safe for your items as they can be broken into or accessed by others.

Professional Mover’s Storage

A professional mover’s storage is a storage unit that is controlled by a professional moving company. You may not be able to access your items as quickly as you need because your moving company will have to give you access. A professional mover’s storage however has many benefits. The best benefit is that your items are professionally wrapped before movers can send them to storage. Your furniture and fragile items are therefore protected. 

If you use a professional moving company like Master Movers storage facilities, your belongings will also be monitored throughout the day, every day of the week so you rest assured that your belongings are safe. We also use strong storage modules that are safe from pests, to store your items safely away.

Self-Storage or Professional Mover’s Storage?

If you need a rental garage for your workspace, self-storage is your go-to. A professional mover’s storage unit (run by full-service storage companies) is advisable for people looking to store their excess items safely away or to create more space in your office or home. It is affordable, secure and you have professional moving services at hand. 

Here are some advantages of using Master Movers vs self-storage units:

Self-storage Master Movers
You are given one space and you have to pay for it Pay only for the space size you need
Mostly short-term storage  Short or long-term storage units
Usually mouldy and no pest control Attention and disciplineine toward mould and pest control
No assistance provided You can hire professional movers to help you to do the heavy lifting and packing
No or inadequate security  We monitor all our units in our secure storage facility to keep them safe from intruders and bad weather conditions throughout the year

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