It is no secret how stressful moving can be, and how many things you need to consider as you prepare to relocate. Are you aware of your moving rights and responsibilities? Before you start working with a moving company, make sure you understand the rights and responsibilities that both parties have. Let’s take a look at these rights and obligation on both sides.

Moving company’s rights and responsibilities

Your moving company has a number of responsibilities towards you. Obviously, as a service provider, they have a responsibility to deliver on their promises and carry out your move to the highest standards. They also have a responsibility to provide you with an estimate of what the work will cost before they carry it out, and this estimate can be binding or non-binding. A non-binding estimate will give you a general idea of the price without locking the moving company into a definite amount; the final cost could be more or less than the estimate. If the estimate is binding, then the moving company has a responsibility to charge you the quoted price regardless of their final total cost for the move. Moving companies assume responsibility for the goods they carry while in transit. However, this responsibility could be on one of two levels: full liability or limited liability. You must be made aware of what applies, and have the option to buy additional cover if needed.  

The moving company also has an obligation to provide you with documents that contain all relevant information before asking you to sign.

Your rights and responsibilities

As the customer in this transaction, you have the right to expect quality service from your moving company. You also have the right to ask for an estimate before giving the go-ahead. Whether or not this estimate will be binding depends on the terms and conditions of the estimate, and you have a right to ask about this in advance. All the movers’ obligations to you must be made clear to you before the work starts. You have the right to expect the mover to take responsibility for your belongings and treat them with care while handling and transporting them. If there is any loss or damage, you are within your rights to file a claim for compensation from your own homeowner’s insurance cover, which must be in place prior to the move. You can contact Master Movers to give you a premium amount for the Fully Comprehensive Cover to cover all goods and risks in transit.

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