Moving house is a major life event that generates a lot of strong emotions, starting from the first day of the moving preparations and ending with the day you finally move into your new home. When the adrenaline rush of moving day eventually wears off, you may experience an overwhelming sense of nostalgia and sadness about the life you left behind. That strange new feeling of melancholy may turn into a post-move phenomenon known as relocation depression. Symptoms of post-relocation depression can have a detrimental effect on your overall health. The good news is that there are several helpful strategies you can use to overcome relocation depression. 

How to overcome relocation depression after a move 

Here are a few tried-and-tested ways to deal with relocation depression and begin to embrace your new post-move life.

1. Hold on to your old friends 

One of the most helpful ways to deal with relocation depression after moving to a new environment is by keeping in touch with the friends you had to leave behind. Utilising the power of technology makes this an easy task. All you need is an internet connection.

2. Find the courage to make new friends 

Make an active effort to make new friends in your new area. You can start by greeting your neighbours, making conversation with your co-workers, and using any presented opportunity to get to know them better. Signing up for different classes or joining a club or gym can also give you the chance to interact with new people.

3. Explore your new town or city 

The unfamiliarity and strangeness of the new town or city may contribute to the overall sense of you not feeling welcome there. A way to combat this unsettling and frightening feeling is to explore your new environment. Set for exploratory tours around your neighbourhood and town. Visit historical landmarks, enjoy sites of interest, and take walks in the green areas. The more familiar you become with the new location, the better you will feel about living there.

4. Do what you used to love 

Pick up your old hobbies or take on new ones depending on how you feel and what the new city has to offer. By resuming to do what you enjoyed before the move will keep your mind occupied and relieve it from depressing thoughts of what you have lost due to the move. There will be numerous possibilities for finding and practising activities that bring you joy during the difficult post-move adaptation period. From learning a new language, to learning how to play an instrument, attending a dance or yoga class, or joining a sports club – the sky is the limit.

5. Get yourself a pet animal

Having a pet companion by your side can be a great way to fight feelings of loneliness, easing the difficult post-relocation transitional period. Having a pet friend will help clear your head from sad, nostalgic, and gloomy thoughts. Walking your dog in the city park may even enable you to meet and interact with other dog lovers.

6. Use your job as a shield 

Directing most of your time and energy toward your job will foster growth within the company you work for and leave you with less time for nostalgic thoughts. Your job can provide a shield against depressing thoughts, and the frequent interaction with your co-workers will help you form new friendships.

7. Exercise regularly 

Overcome the overwhelming feeling of homesickness by incorporating exercise into your daily routine. Physical activity releases endorphins into the body, which will help improve your overall mood and leave you feeling refreshed and reinvigorated. You can join a gym or local sports club where you can practice a sport you enjoy. Regular exercise will help you fight the blues.

8. Redesign your new place 

Consider a therapeutic approach by arranging and decorating your new home in such a way as to make you feel calm, comfortable, and peaceful. One home décor tactic to try is to replicate the home interior design of your previous home to invoke that former sense of security and familiarity. Another strategy is to completely redesign the new living space to shake off that lingering sense of nostalgia and move on with a revamped home design.

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