Excitedly, after looking through moving companies, you begin to consider packing your belongings to make a move to the new place. Moments of transition are big moments in our lives. Whether the move is to the dream home down the street or, to the trendy apartment in sunny Johannesburg, South Africa. Finding the best moving company and thoughtful packing will make this process smooth sailing. 

Being mindful of how you are going to pack your things is important because without due consideration, possessions may be damaged during the transit to their new home. The concern then becomes which material is better for preventing damage, packing paper or bubble wrap? What is your best option? The answer: both. 

Moving Company and Packing:

Both packing paper and bubble wrap work to provide insulation between your valuables and the movements and forces that are inevitable as your boxes, furniture, and electronics, are moved from your old place, to your new one. 

For items that will fit into boxes or sizable containers, such as dishware, decoratives, and pictures, box boarded-up corrugated board or flat sheet is the best. The shifting household charges may be lessened by using recycled newspaper, but this can make items dirty. If you decide to opt for this route, be certain to have enough paper to: cover every surface, fill any hollow spaces using crumpled material and put a sheet in between stackable objects. With additional arranged paper, or usable blankets or towels, placed between articles to stabilize during transition.    

Bubble Wrap is ideal for covering certain furniture such as standing lamps, brooms, mops, glass-covered pictures under 1.5m, but not lounge suites. Do not put plastic on leather items or appliances as they can leave marks and form water droplets, which causes damage. Remember to turn bubbles inward when wrapping. 

Bubbles aside, the moving home service price is always smooth sailing at this moving company. Don’t let worry keep you from the purple Jacarandas blooms on Johannesburg’s September streets, please, for more information contact us today.  There is an art to moving successfully and we can help you achieve this goal.