There are a few things you need to prepare before moving to your new house. From creating a budget for the move to getting ready for life in your new home, the list is long. If you’re currently preparing for your move, be sure to include these steps.

Measure your new home 

Before moving into your new home, measure all interior spaces, as well as your furniture. This way, you’ll know what items will fit where in your new home. On moving day you will be able to instruct the movers as to where to place all your furnishings.

Disconnect and connect your utilities 

A few weeks before moving, you have to contact your utility service providers to let them know that you are moving. Schedule a date and time for these services to be disconnected and reconnected at the new premises. Companies to contact should include your DSTV and internet service provider, as well as your security system provider. Also, remember to change your billing address before you move. You don’t want to end up missing out on essential bills, letters, and packages. This is also not something you want to be worrying about on moving day. This also includes washing machines and complicated water dispensers as well as double door fridges. As with the dd fridges the actual door often needs to be taken off before relocation.

Packing an essentials bag 

When you arrive at your new home, you don’t want to have to sift through hundreds of boxes for pyjamas and a toothbrush. To prevent this, pack an essentials bag for your first night or week in your new home. Your overnight bag should include a few changes in clothes, PJs, toiletries, baby essentials, and medicine. Master Movers can provide you with a PRIORITY BOX. This is a different colour box that gets packed last in the truck and gets unpacked 1st. This box will help that you have a kettle and tea and some key items you absolutely need when you arrive on the other side.

Cleaning the former home 

On the day of your move, don’t forget to do one last clean. Once you’ve packed and decluttered, you’ll need to do a proper deep clean of the house. The cleanse should include sweeping and washing of floors and carpets, cleaning out the fridge and wiping down surfaces. Master movers can also assist with cleaning services. We work with a good team that serves our VIP client. 

Ready to move? Master Movers can help 

Fortunately, Master Movers are a reliable moving company that makes your move easy and stress-free. We are licensed and insured, so rest assured, you are in good hands. If you need to store some things while you get your new home ready we have a storage option.Only pay for the space you utilize. Our storerooms are all rodent and pest free.

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