As with just about everything in life, there are pros and cons to moving. It can be especially difficult after retirement because a move requires a lot of energy both mentally and physically. Here at Master Movers, we specialize in moving older ones and are well known for our kindness and patience. There can be multiple benefits of moving house or city after retirement, as well as some negatives. Let us have a look at the good and bad. 


  • Moving to a smaller home will make your household and garden workload more manageable. If you had a large house to accommodate your children while they were growing up, it may not be necessary to have such a large home anymore. Pools and gardens are all high maintenance, not to mention the cost and perhaps you will enjoy the lighter workload.
  • Lower utility costs. A smaller house and garden could mean lower utility costs and thus fewer bills. This will mean less stress for you in your golden years. 
  • Moving to a smaller house within a security complex or one managed by a Body Corporate could mean better security for you as you are getting older. It also makes it easier for you to travel as your house will be safer than a freestanding one.


  • Adapting to a new environment is difficult. Perhaps you had many friends and neighbours that knew you well and now you will need to make new friends. With technology like Zoom though, you can speak face to face and catch up anytime you like.
  • Leaving behind the house you have lived in for many years might make you sad when you think of the great memories you made in it. 
  • Finding a pet-friendly townhouse or smaller home might not be that easy. Many body corporates don’t allow pets and neighbours may not tolerate your cats roaming and being in their gardens. You may need to be patient as you look for a new place to accommodate you and your pets. 

In a nutshell – you will need to decide what you can afford and if you can still manage the workload of your bigger house. Downsizing might be a better choice financially as you can free up funds that might be tied up in your current larger property. These funds could generate some income for you in your retirement. 

For less stress during your move hire the best packing and moving companies to assist. A great moving house company like Master Movers will help make your new house a home. We are not your average movers. Test us out and see how moving house with Master Movers is so easy. We are movers with a difference and we offer pensioners discounts– so get in touch today!