When you decide to relocate your business a considerable distance from your current location, you need to consider whether you will be relocating your employees as well. Some of them may choose not to go with you, but those who do need to be given financial and logistical help to make the move. You may not necessarily fund their move in its entirety, but you could certainly help to offset some costs and make the relocation as easy as possible on them. Here are some things to consider in respect of your employees when planning a business relocation.

Relocation policy

All businesses should have a relocation policy. If you didn’t have one in place when you hired your staff, you should certainly hammer one out as you prepare to move, and make sure that it is communicated to your staff. Outline what the company will pay for, such as the services of a moving company or a storage unit. Other possible expenses the business could subsidise might include education, temporary accommodation, spousal career search, among others.

Relocation budget

Make sure you have planned your budget in advance. As you work out what you can spend, decide whether aiding employee relocations is a cost-effective action in the first place. You can also create preset limits on what an employee can spend on their relocation and make sure that they understand this from the start.

Hire a relocation management company 

There are relocation management specialists who can take the burden off your HR department and facilitate the entire process. They can even help you draw up your relocation policy and then implement it for you. Master Movers works with trusted companies that can manage these tasks for you, and we would be happy to provide you with a referral. 

Select your expert mover

The next thing to do is to select an expert mover. It might be the same moving company that does your office relocation or an entirely different one. Experienced business movers like Master Movers can do both business relocations and your employees’ personal moves. We are not able to assist with your relocation policies or employee relocation management, but we will provide expert moving services to take everything from the old location to the new one. While you consider the many variables involved with your business move, and leave the planning of your employee moves to your relocation management contractors, the moving company will handle all the heavy lifting and logistics to ensure that both the company and its employees get moved and settled with minimal fuss.

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