The transport industry is essential for moving goods around the country and provides essential items to businesses and families alike. In order to maintain a steady supply and delivery of resources, new strategies need to be implemented to mitigate the impact that Covid-19 has had on the free movement of people.

The transportation of goods is considered an essential service and companies have been tasked with the additional shipping of test kits and other PPE’s. Unfortunately, they are also being impacted by the virus and have had to implement safety protocols that affect the regular delivery of all merchandise. 

Commercial moving companies are affected by lockdowns and need to adopt new safety measures. They also operate under current curfews in different cities as they change and evolve.

The Effect Hard Lockdown Has on Moving 

Governments have implemented temporary closures of “non-essential” businesses and this impacts people’s ability to work. This also can affect their timing when moving. Relocation plans may have to be altered for a variety of reasons including:

  • Loss of job
  • Loss of earnings
  • Availability of moving staff
  • Travel restrictions

Moving services are still available as most companies have not shut down. They have had to implement safety measures during these hard lockdowns to comply with new health regulations for the well-being of both their staff and their clients.

What are Moving Companies Doing Differently?

New protocols are being implemented at moving companies as they understand the need for safety. They are required to follow federal and local guidelines with regards to sanitization and social distancing. Moving trucks and equipment are being sanitized on a regular basis and all staff is required to wear personal protective equipment. We still offer limited in-person surveys but with the use of technology can offer virtual home surveys as a way of allowing the moving world to continue operation.

By following these safe practices, moving companies can continue to provide customers with the safe transport of their belongings whether it is a need for self-storage, a house move, or business relocation.

Master Movers has implemented these new guidelines to ensure your safety and the safety of their professional moving team. We are ready to assist you in your next move during covid-19. Contact us today for more information.