Many people agree that moving by yourself is stressful. Knowing what can go wrong can reduce some of the stress. Learn more about how to move by yourself here.

Lost Time

It does take time to find a reputable moving company but it does not compare to the amount of time you are going to need to arrange a moving vehicle by yourself. Where will you find a vehicle to transport all of your possessions? If you are going to use your car, it will take a few trips. That’s a staggering amount of time and fuel. Add this to the time to call people to help you out and the days you will need to pack up all of your stuff. Don’t forget that without a mover, you also risk moving mistakes, which can lead to even more lost time.

Hiring labour off the street is not the smartest move to make – they would not know how to handle furniture or they could return to rob you. Professional movers have large moving trucks for efficient moving. The professionals are trained to expertly pack and move your items with ease.

Damaged Items

The mistake that most people make is thinking they can expertly pack their belongings. Fragile items need special care, loading, and unloading. Large items such as furniture require furniture pads and small items such as dishes require bubble wrap. You probably aren’t going to have the packaging material required to move these items. Asking your friend and family for help is risky – they can smash and scratch your favourite pieces of furniture. The result is strained relationships for all parties involved. 

Moving services have the expertise needed, as well as the packing materials to prevent damage to your belongings and property damage.

Personal Injuries

Moving to a new home is exciting but also exhausting. You may not have the strength to carry your belongings, especially if you have to make a few moving trips. Personal injuries can therefore occur if you are moving on your own. If you have family and friends helping you out you can risk putting them in danger of injury too. The costs escalate if someone needs to consult a doctor or chiropractor. 

Using a moving company can reduce the risk of injury as professionals have teams that are physically suited and experienced to move heavy items.

Moving by yourself is a risky move. Master Movers can save you time and stress by expertly handling the moving process. We offer a full-service move (long distances or a local move), and storage facilities to help you enjoy your new home. For more information on our moving company, contact us today!