Looking for the most affordable time to move? There are a few optimal times to move if you don’t want to break the bank. Read on for more info on the cheapest time to move.

Season of The Year

Summer is the best time to move, but not the cheapest. Everyone wants to move when the weather is great. Peak season is the most expensive as it is the busiest time of year and moving companies are in demand. They are less likely to negotiate prices. Moving supplies during this time are probably higher too. It is, therefore, best to avoid summer if you want to save some cash. The quietest time to move within South Africa is between February to October.

The cheapest month to move will be any time in winter when there is less demand for movers. Most people don’t want to move in the cold winter months. Late autumn or early spring are also quieter periods.

Is it Better to Move on a Weekday or Weekend?

As you can tell, the quieter it is, the less demand there is for movers – which means a better moving price. The best days of the week to move are therefore Monday to Thursday. Weekdays tend to be quieter as more people want to move during their weekends off. A Friday move is usually ok if you are moving during the middle of the month, but other Fridays will be busy as employees and employers want to try to use their end of the week to get some moving done. 

If you aim for a weekday, you are therefore likely to get lower moving rates. The exception to the rule will be a public holiday. These days are often busiest as more people will choose a day off (or a long weekend off) to move.

Time of The Month

What time of the month will get you the best deal from professional movers? It is most likely mid-month. The majority of people move out just before their lease ends – this occurs at the end of each month or the beginning of the month. Moving companies probably won’t have time for negotiating during this time and are less likely to lower rates. Choose the middle of the month when they are more likely to negotiate with your moving budget. Try between the 6th or 24th of the month (excluding weekends).

If you want a good deal during your home, office, and international move make sure you choose an affordable and professional moving company like Master Movers. We will try to work within your moving budget and within your time frame to ensure you receive the best moving experience.

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